Owning a Slave-Mastering Monster Through Satire

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Jourdan Anderson completely owns his former "master"

Free man, Jourdan Anderson, completely owns his former “master”

In Rediscovered Letter From 1865, Former Slave Tells Old Master To Shove It:

(Trymaine Lee) In the summer of 1865, a former slave by the name of Jourdan Anderson sent a letter to his former master. And 147 years later, the document reads as richly as it must have back then.

The roughly 800-word letter, which has resurfaced via various blogs, websites, Twitter and Facebook, is a response to a missive from Colonel P.H. Anderson, Jourdan’s former master back in Big Spring, Tennessee. Apparently, Col. Anderson had written Jourdan asking him to come on back to the big house to work.

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My Commentary: This is an awesome use of satire, and because of its tone, I have no doubt that Jourdan’s former monster of a “master” read the letter through-and-through: a pretty good measure of its success! 🙂