The Lesson is Learned Helplessness…

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Cameron McDonald and mother

Florin High Teen Suspended for Fighting Back Against Bullies, Mom Says:

(Liz Kreutz) Cameron, who has physical and mental disabilities, including a paralyzed left arm, said he was attacked by classmates, Friday afternoon near Florin High in Sacramento, that caused him to get a concussion. McDonald said the Elk Grove Unified School District showed her a video of the incident, which, according to her, showed Cameron fighting back in self-defense.

The school district said the school has a zero-tolerance policy for violence and that if a student is attacked, he or she should just walk away and tell someone.

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My Commentary: Learned helplessness…

Cowardly Criminal Captured After Being Caught on Video Beating and Robbing Defenseless 66-Year-Old Man

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Pedro Gonzalez: Let’s see him try that on someone his own age. We call people like him a coward!!

Criminal Caught on Video Robbing Defenseless 66-Year-Old Man on Brooklyn Subway Train:

Brian M.: This is crazy.

Brian M.: He,should have followed him and called the cops. They will easily catch this man if this guy reported that. That slippery piece of trash doesn’t go far.

Rayn: He was busted, at least…

Police Bust Goon Seen on Video Beating 66-Year-Old Man on Brooklyn Subway Train:

Jake B.: Not in front of me. No way I’d stand idely by and video this. Throw a hadoken at him or something.

Marion J.: this city has become a jungle again. what happened to respect for the elderly ?

Bailey P.: Wow. No one helped that guy? Asshole with the phone just stood there

Monise A.: The person with the phone was clearly scared. U know he wasn’t openly videoing this. It’s a damned shame!!!

But, Without Government, Criminals Would Take Over, You Say?

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Officers Brent Frank and Mike Boehme

Officers Brent Frank and Mike Boehme

Dashcam Shows Cops Smiling as they Brutally Beat, Taser & Sic K-9 on Compliant Man for “Dancing”:

(Matt Agorist) A Washington man was just granted $100,000 to settle a civil rights lawsuit after police were seen on dashcam, repeatedly punching him, repeatedly tasering him, and allowing their K9 to maul him continuously in spite of appearing unconscious.

On Aug. 22, 2014, the victim, Linson Tara was found dancing in a freight yard. Tara was not violent, and when police arrived, the dashcam shows him standing there with one hand on his hip and another in the air.

As police attempt to walk Tara over to the vehicle, they quickly become violent. At most, Tara had merely pulled his arm away from the officer before he was placed in a headlock, slammed to the hood of the patrol car and beaten.

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My Commentary: But, without government, criminals would take over, you claim? LOL! What a deludinoid!

Oklahoma Highway Trooper Decides Unresponsive Driver Experiencing Medical Distress is “Non-Compliant,” and Strikes Him Multiple Times With Night Stick

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Oklahoma State Troopers immediately resort to violence against an unresponsive, non-combative driver in medical distress

Oklahoma State Troopers immediately resort to violence against an unresponsive, non-combative driver in medical distress

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: OHP Defends its Use of Force in Traffic Incident:

(Bill Schammert) The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says its troopers were doing everything by the book when they smashed a driver’s window and hit the driver with a night stick for being non-compliant. According to a highway patrol spokesman, the troopers thought the man was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but later found out he was having a medical episode.

The incident was all caught on camera.

“To me, it seemed aggressive,” said the man who shot the video. He doesn’t want to be named.

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My Commentary: Experiencing medical distress while driving, which leaves you and your car in a ditch, barely able to move, or even communicate? To the trained officers at the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, that’s called “non-compliance,” so your car window will be broken, and you will be beaten about the face and head with night sticks.

Naive, Utopian, Historically-Illiterate, Hypocritical, Double-Thinking, Elitist-Worshiping Statists Clamor for Gun Control in Total Disregard for Reality

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Court Upholds Federal Gun Ban Against Domestic Violence Offenders:

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the broad reach of a federal law that bars people with misdemeanor domestic violence convictions from owning guns.

The justices rejected arguments that the law covers only intentional or knowing acts of abuse and not those committed recklessly — where a person is aware of the risk that an act will cause injury, but not certain it will. As examples, the court mentioned throwing a plate in the heat of an argument, or slamming a door.

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My Commentary: How about a little inconvenient fact to shake up your critical thinking faculties?

Police Domestic Violence Nearly Twice Average Rate:

I’ll keep saying it: Gun control advocates are the WORST kind of pro-gun nuts there are! These types of doublethink-deluded, historically-illiterate hypocrites cling to the dangerously naive, Utopian, and downright elitist philosophy that only police and military should possess firearms. They refuse to accept the fact that criminals not only IGNORE the law – they soon BECOME the law!

As always, Statism remains the most dangerous religion in the world…