The Apartheid State of Marriage in Israel

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The "Am I legally allowed to marry in Israel?" flowchart

The “Am I legally allowed to marry in Israel?” flowchart

Who Would You Be Allowed to Marry in Israel Today?

(Ariel David, Haaretz) On the website of Hiddush, a nonprofit organization that promotes religious freedom and equality in Israel, there is a world map showing countries that restrict freedom of marriage. The countries given as imposing “severe restrictions” include most states between Morocco to the west and Pakistan to the east. And Israel is no exception.

Marriage in the Jewish state is a complex matter, and is almost entirely under the purview of religious authorities.

There is no civil marriage. Jews can only be married in a religious ceremony, by an Orthodox rabbi under the authority of the Chief Rabbinate, the top religious authority for Jews in Israel. This means there is also no interfaith marriage between Jews and non-Jews, since Orthodox Judaism does not allow mixed unions. Israelis who belong to other streams of Judaism, such as Reform or Conservative, must still tie the knot in front of an Orthodox rabbi in a traditional ceremony if they want their marriage to be recognized by the state.

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My Commentary: Repeat after me: Israel IS NOT an Apartheid State! 😉

Discussing the Origins of Christianity

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Self-Proclaimed "Apostle," Shaul of Tarsus (AKA "Paul")

Self-Proclaimed “Apostle,” Shaul of Tarsus (AKA “Paul”)

Chris C.: What is this “Christians United for Israel”? To “support Israel in her time of need?” Why would any “christian” support an apartheid state that has been responsible for the displacement and/or total disenfranchisement of the Palestinian population? NO I do NOT support the illegal “state” of Israel.

Rayn: Many hypochristians support Israel. It’s no surprise, as Christianity was created by the false, self-proclaimed 13th “Apostle” name “Paul” (aka Saul of Tarsus) hijacker of the Way of YHWH, as taught by Yashua. Saul was the son of a Pharisee, an Hebrew from the Tribe of Benjamin, and also a Roman citizen – as he said himself, “all things to all people.” He was also a “murderer from the beginning,” persecuting the original followers of Yashua (who never callled themselves “Christians”) up until the moment of his witness-free conversion story (that gradually became more elaborate each time he described it). Just like the Hebrews chose to free Barabbas the murderer, “Christians” follow Saul the murderer… Yet, since most of them are not murderers themselves, they are simply submitting themselves to the will of their moral inferiors!

Chris C.: you go girl…drop some knowledge!