Women Who Provided Emergency Shelter to Pets During Hurricane Florence Could Face Charges

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Tammie Hedges

Wayne County Woman May Face Charges After Running Hurricane Shelter for Pets:

As Hurricane Florence closed in on the North Carolina coast, she quickly got prepared and opened a shelter for animals, the Goldsboro News-Argus reports.

Now, she could face charges.

Tammie Hedges runs the non-profit Crazy’s Claws n Paws out of Wayne County. The organization aims to help low-income family with pet needs like veterinary bills, supplies and more.

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My Commentary: The State loves “helping”…

You Can Lead a Sheep to Slaughter, But You Can’t Make Him Think!

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Natalie M…

Natalie M.: Docile and meek, the sheep gather so easily to their own slaughter.

Rayn: Once you’re awake, it’s hard to go back to sheep. 😉

Natalie M.: So true Rayn

Rayn: You can lead a sheep to slaughter, but you can’t make him think. 😉

Natalie M.: Lol


“A nation of SHEEP
Shall be ruled by PIGS.”
(Artwork by Rayn, and originally located here)