Ron Paul: War in Libya is “Impeachable Offense”

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Ron Paul – War in Libya is an “Impeachable Offense”:

My Commentary: A few days ago, CIA operative Anderson Cooper had Congressman Ron Paul on his show to discuss the current illegitimate campaign of American military aggression (aka “unprovoked, undeclared, unauthorized war”) being launched against Libya, and funded by our tax dollars, in order to murder untold numbers of innocent civilians in the name of the “War on Terror” (aka “corporate imperialism”).

Anderson Cooper: Rich Elitist, CIA Operative & Professional Actor

The following article was inspired by my debate, “Discussing Egypt’s Revolution“…

2011-02-02 - Anderson Cooper - Rich Elitist, CIA Operative & Professional Actor

Anderson Cooper has the word “actor” written all over his face. To me, he’s simply not believable as the “regular person” he presents himself to be. There is something very “manufactured” him. In doing some quick research about his background, I discovered the following facts:

  1. Anderson Cooper is the great-great-great-grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt, a super-wealthy shipping/railroad tycoon – one of the richest Americans in history. This information reveals that Cooper is a member of the ultra-wealthy “elite” class on the very top of the hierarchy, far removed from major society. Of course, in the spirit of unhealthy self-insulation, Cornelius even married his cousin towards the end of his life, helping to keep a portion of his wealth “all in the family.” (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)

Discussing Egypt’s Revolution

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

Egyptians take to the streets

Egyptians take to the streets

Rayn: While the TRUTH behind Egypt’s Revolution WILL NOT BE TELEVISED… for days, Al Jazeera has been providing THE best coverage of the scene on the ground in Egypt, so far.

Live: Al Jazeera English Covers Egypt’s Revolution:

Madeline F.: It has been great coverage, and it is amazing watching the people fighting to attain Democracy in their country.

Rayn: Indeed, it is great and amazing. I have been watching this live feed since yesterday.

In all truth, “democracy” is what the Egyptians have right now, as democracy is, in fact, MOB RULE! If the people of Egypt are to secure LONG-TERM FREEDOM for themselves – the PEOPLE should work to at least establish a REAL “REPUBLIC” for their NATION – one which will protect all NATURAL HUMAN RIGHTS, regardless of the will of the majority (who often abandon freedom in times of war and adversity), and regardless of the will of those power-hungry political or military “leaders” who seek to elevate themselves at the expense of the people. Anything else is simply “counterfeit wisdom, creating the illusion of freedom.”

Rayn40 Percent Of Egyptians Live On 2 Dollars A Day Or Less And The Global Elite Like It That Way:

Screw our diluted, detached American definition of “FREEDOM,” and to the garbage pile with our failed “DEMOCRACY.” These IDEAS are MEANINGLESS without TRUTH and JUSTICE, which represent the FIRST and LAST of the SEVEN PILLARS of the HOUSE OF WISDOM. These two beacons of light are the ONLY REAL CORNERSTONES of a “FREE” society, and the ONLY REAL PROTECTION against the HOUSE OF BONDAGE! Without them, “FREEDOM” is lawlessness, and “DEMOCRACY” is majority-ruled oppression! Here is wisdom!

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