Explaining My Public Information Campaign, “American Fascism, Exposed”

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

Jason R.: What is American Fascism, Exposed, Rayn?

Rayn: American Fascism, Exposed is the name of public information campaign that I began in September 2009, using various social media outlets. Mainly, I provide clear-cut video evidence of police brutality, and expose the names and faces of the criminal cops responsible…

Check out this page, to get an idea:

American Fascism, Exposed: Wall of Shame

I originally posted the following information and statement onto my Facebook wall, from my website, “American Fascism, Exposed“…

Wall of Shame:

Remember their names. Remember their faces.
Remember their crimes. Remember their victims.

Visit the Blue Wall of Shame! Oh, and don’t forget to bring your vomit bag!