The Salty, Bitter Flavor of Ground Troll Meat

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

Rayn: Our Immune Systems Can Cope With COVID-19 – It’s Our Politicians Who Can’t

Kevin B.: When you read the headline but not the article

Rayn: Is that what you were trained to do in your formal “education” camp? ?

Kevin B.: Rayn, that’s what you clearly just did. Unless you are pushing the safety of vaccines now. The author is saying COVID vaccines will be effective. The politicians she’s referring to are the same lockdown-skeptical ones you promote.

Rayn: Kevin… Try again, clown. Only in your smug, arrogant, presumptuous fantasies did I “clearly” do anything more than share with my Facebook friends yet another informative mainstream media monopoly article about COVID, and the current progress of BigPharma’s legal-liability-free experimental vaccination that the Federal government is fast-tracking onto the public, at large, much like I’ve been sharing to my FB wall, all along, since the COVID panic began. And, I will continue to do so, in spite of your pathologically pathetic effort to twist my positions into easily-disprovable strawmen distractions, for you to amuse yourself with, attacking, in a vulgar public display of self-stimulation.

Disgusting… Why don’t you go masturbate your ego on your own FB wall? Or, do you prefer the larger audience that mine affords you? ?

Apparently, like most Statists, you find it intellectually safer and easier to simply make up my viewpoints for me, then argue with yourself about it, rather than to learn my positions, for yourself, and respond, accordingly. How slippery of you…

In reality, you don’t even remotely know me, bruh, and pretending you do only exposes you as total fraudster. I’m a Voluntaryist, guided by logic, love, principles, and peace, towards Self-Ownership, Non-Aggression, and Informed Consent. I have voted “no confidence” for the last twenty years worth of American elections, genius. Your claim that I promote “lockdown skeptical [politicians]” is just a complete and total lie, predicated upon your willful ignorance.

To me, voting for politicians is a dangerous superstition, and an act of political oppression. When a so-called “majority party” seeks for legal enforcement their arbitrary political opinions upon all of the minority groups living among them, through use of the State’s monopoly on violence, a massive injustice is being protected by color of law. Besides, I don’t support war criminals, nor the political terrorists who promote the “War on Drugs” and the “War on Terrorism,” anyway!

Your various posts to my Facebook wall, lately, are like crudely-scrawled graffiti, to me. I’ve only entertained your toxic pattern of directed [mis]”communications” at me, so far, because I occasionally enjoy the salty, bitter flavor of ground troll meat. Tastes just like victory! In feeding your need for attention, I’ve just been fattening you up for the proverbial slaughter. Game over, joker!

Both Historically and Presently, Bernie Sanders DOES NOT Qualify as a Legitimate Peace Candidate!

The following debate originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Damion S., after he shared a photo from my wall, which was initially located here

Damion S.:

"Group photo of all the anti-war Republican and Democrats running for president"

“Group photo of all the anti-war Republican and Democrats running for president”

Charlie C.#bernie has voted against the last 8 wars

Damion S.: Ok. I’ll give you Bernie.

Charlie C.: He’s running and he’s gonna win. Get on the train! #feethebern

Damion S.: Lol! Definitely better than anyone else!

RaynBernie Sanders Says He Would Use Drones to Fight Terror as President:

Rayn: Sadly, the children of the Middle-East will definitely #feelthebern

Rayn: “Peaceful” Progress!

"Obama's current drone warfare program. Sanders' proposed drone warfare 'reform'" (Artwork originally located here, where it was posted by the Facebook page, "We Are the Individuals")

“Obama’s current drone warfare program. Sanders’ proposed drone warfare ‘reform'”
(Artwork originally located here, upon the Facebook page, “We Are the Individuals“)

Damion S.: Lol!!!! Wow!!!! You cray, girl. That’s hysterical!!

Rayn: Made a little something special, to commemorate this insightful conversation…

"Statists be like... 'It's not a war. We're just going to bomb them'."

“Statists be like… ‘It’s not a war. We’re just going to bomb them’.”
(Artwork by Rayn)

RaynBernie Sanders’ Troubling History of Supporting US Military Violence Abroad:

Spy Drones to Detect Pre-Crime, and Keep Americans “Safe” and “Secure”

The following correspondence originally took place here, on the Facebook wall of political activist, Paul Joseph Watson

2011-09-29 - Spy Drones to Detect Pre-Crime, and Keep Americans 'Safe' and 'Secure'

Paul Joseph WatsonPentagon Developing Spy Drones to Spot “Adversarial Intent”

Samil C.: Paul all this is totalitarism and authoritarism!

Samil C.: Poor generation of us!

Jerry H.: My god does it ever end?

Rayn: This is PRE-CRIME! Yet, we are all born INNOCENT!

Carole M.: false beard and moustache people..the only way to go..a la monty python life of brian..specs and buck teeth optional..