If Make-Up Ads Were Honest…

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"This is you... weak, scared, alone, always. Revlon. You are what you are"

“This is you… weak, scared, alone, always. Revlon. You are what you are”

Brutally Honest New Revlon Ad Campaign Reminds Customers You Can’t Change What You Are:

Asserting that makeup can do little beyond creating a fleeting illusion of youth and beauty, cosmetics giant Revlon launched a new series of ads this week aimed at reminding its customers they will never be able to change what they are.

The company’s “You Are What You Are” campaign, which debuted with dark and haunting multi-page spreads in several major fashion magazines, cautions consumers that, at best, makeup is a sad disguise people hide behind in a futile attempt to avoid uncomfortable facts about their true nature.

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My Commentary: This made me laugh so much, my sides hurt!