Discussing Democratic Versus Republican Policies Regarding Minorities

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

Deacon Desmond C. Warren

GenaireDeacon Desmond C. Warren: Why Minorities Support The Democrats?

Kai-ama H.: This a crock of crap. Respectfully speaking.

Genaire: What’s your take on it kai? I personally haven’t seen the black community benefit from any of the policies implemented by the democratic party.

The social welfare programs really don’t benefit anyone and lead to dependence.

It was in fact the republican party that fought for the abolition of slavery.

Margaret Sanger did in fact make the statements made in the article along with many other racist statements.

Kai-ama H.Problem is the Republican Party has worse policies.

Today’s Republican Party is not the party that supported the abolition. Os slavery. There has been a complete 180.

It was president FDR who signed the New Deal into law shortly after the Great Depression that spawned what is essentially the New Democratic Party and their ideals.

The acceptance of African American Rights was considered liberal or progressive during the civil rights movement.

Conservativism goes against anything considered progressive. It hold on to the old guard of America.

Conservatism glorifies rich, white, male ideals, profits over people and a view of Christianity that upholds all if Gods laws and little of Christ’s mercy.

No party is perfect. But most of what I value are currently represented, at least in theory, by the Democratic Party.

However currently supporting Bernie Sanders not Clinton. To each his own. #nojudgement. I’m way too liberal for that. 🙂

Genaire: My views have always been conservative. I personally consider myself more of a libertarian than a republican since most republicans are rino’s.

Liberalism only serves to breed dependency. Dependency is fine but it shouldn’t be taken forcibly out of people’s taxes. Charitable organization should be responsible for charity not forced taxation.

I haven’t had the privilege of having children but when I do I know it will be my labour, my business that supports my family with zero aide from the government. It is my responsibility not the responsibility of the government to care for my family.

Genaire: The whole abortion issues leaves the door open for people to be carefree and irresponsible knowing big daddy government will make things all better. One needs to be held accountable for their actions which will never happen when you tax the populace liberally.

Kai-ama H.: If being held accountable for irresponsible decisions leaves American Citizens starving and on the street, then I gladly pay taxes to “provide for the general welfare” as stated in the preamble.

but outside of money and being over taxed, which I do not enjoy, I am liberal in my thoughts that everyone regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs etc has the rights and freedoms that all Americans are afforded by citizenship.

If someone believes the gov’t has limited power that includes limited power over a women’s uterus.

And if anyone truly thinks welfare is fun, pays substantially, or allows women to just have babies they have no clue. Food stamps helps fellow Americans not starve. Most of which goes to children.

Kai-ama H.: We are speaking of the same America that we both love! Only different ideological views.

Kai-ama H.: PS when u file federal taxes from your business you receive or are eligible to receive aide from the gov’t in the form of tax credits.

Big businesses can get millions of tax credits equating to zero taxes paid and receive millions in gov’t kick backs. That is Infact welfare. Yet we hear more about a poor mother and her food stamps ruining the country.

Genaire: I don’t think people should be left starving on the street. I however I don’t think others should be responsible for others bad decisions. Private charitable organizations not forced taxation is the answer.

I don’t believe an entity is too big nor too small to fail (with exceptions made for the disabled, elderly and youth of course).

Of course have all the abortions one desires but be willing to pay for them out of your own hard earned dollar.

Kai-ama H.Points taken. Agree to disagree


“The assumption that spending more of the taxpayers money will make things better has survived all kinds of evidence that it has made things worse. The black family, which survived slavery, discrimination, poverty, wars and depression, began to come apart as the federal government moved in with its well-financed programs to help.” – Thomas Sowell
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Chinese Government Finally Appears to be Abandoning Dismally-Failed, Genocidal AND Gendercidal “One Child Policy”

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2015-10-30 - Chinese Government Finally Appears to be Abandoning Dismally-Failed, Genocidal AND Gendercidal 'One Child Policy'

China Abandons One-Child Policy:

Today, China abandoned its 35 year-old one-child policy.

Based on the now debunked threat of overpopulation that was popularized by Stanford University scholar Paul Ehrlich, the communist government subjected the Chinese people to forced sterilizations and abortions. Many new-born babies were either killed or left to die.

(Read entire article here…)

My Commentary: Halalu Yah! Finally, finally, finally: China’s dismally-failed, genocidal AND gendercidal “one child” policy looks as though it might actually be abandoned, in favor of the restoration of liberty! Yes! And, with no surprise, the Communist State Vampire doesn’t plan to cede their unjustified control over human life out of compassion or benevolence. Oh, no, no! It will only be due to the disastrous consequences that the government policy inevitably created, in the first place: a continuously-growing, dangerous disparity in gender ratios, with males far outweighing females!

I’ve been reporting on this abominable situation for years, and am very pleased to know that this death-policy is likely seeing its very last days, there! Here’s one of my articles, discussing some of the other unsurprising consequences of inadvertent death-worship under the Chinese State:

South Korean Customs Officials Seize Thousands of China-Made Pills Filled with Powdered Human Baby Flesh:

As usual, the Soulless State Monster simply cannot compete with Natural Law, no matter how large the level hubris, involved! And, of course, the State once again emerges as the biggest threat that humanity has ever faced, in existence! Perhaps, now, the 13 million murderous abortions that take place EVERY SINGLE YEAR in China, which target mostly female offspring, will finally come to an unceremonious end!

As a side-note, I’ve noticed that this mega-issue is almost never discussed by any of these third-wave “feminist” fraudsters currently littering America’s landscape. They seem much too interested in clinging to their pathetic and despicable “abortion rights” to ever dare discuss the glaring, beyond-holocaust-scale abortion WRONGS taking place, right under their upturned, collectiv(ist) noses!

These types of lemmings would rather dedicate their efforts towards laughable, astro-turf-based busy-work campaigns, like labeling the word “bossy,” and even “too,” as “sexist,” instead of focusing on legitimate and universal human rights issues that very obviously attack and destroy women, like Communist China’s egregious crimes against humanity!

Gloria Steinem’s Sociopathic Dream

The following correspondence originally took place here, upon the Facebook page, “TruthDig

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“If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament” – Gloria Steinem (“Quote of the Day” – TruthDig)

Rayn: Only in your sociopathic dreams, lizard!

Ultrasound Bill Introduced by Members of Congress Amounts to Legalized Rape and Theft

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Brooke N…

Brooke N.: No, this is not Borowitz. This is not the Onion. These guys want the legalized sodomizing of pregnant women to be universal. I hope ultrasound operators will find religious reasons not to perform such procedures.

Tell Congress: Drop the Forced Ultrasound Bill:

Rayn: The bill described in this link actually promotes State-sanctioned rape, not sodomy. It’s still sickening (and possibly tortuous), either way… especially, when considering the fact that ultrasounds do not typically require penetration of an orifice in order to successfully administer… I really don’t believe this bill is medically-motivated, so much as it is politically-motivated, but I’m not sure how it would help reduce abortion rates, either. It looks to me like a government-manufactured sweetheart deal for the ultrasound industry, and the health insurance industry, by creating a compulsory customer base for them both to “legally” exploit, at the expense of the American tax-cattle, while simultaneously tapping the anti-abortion crowd to defend what would otherwise be considered rape and theft, in other circumstances… It’s all very twisted…

Dennis M.: And one ignorant Publican politician asked whether one could ultrasound a reproductive tract through the anus.

Louise B.: I absolutely believe that the only person who gets to make decisions about their pregnancy is the woman who is pregnant. No one else!!!

Helping Pro-Abortionist Grasp High School Level Biology

The following debate originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an ex-acquaintance, after he shared a photo from here

Thomas Pa.:

"This is not a chicken. This is not a tree. This is not a dress. This is not a person. This is not a difficult concept."

“This is not a chicken. This is not a tree. This is not a dress. This is not a person. This is not a difficult concept.”

Rayn: Since the first two eggs shown in this graphic are unfertilized, wouldn’t it be more consistent to show a picture of a bloody sanitary napkin in the last box, instead of a sperm latching onto an ovum?

Thomas Pa.: before everyone has had breakfast?

Rayn: Ha! 🙂 My sense of humor becomes even more crude than usual when I’ve stayed up all night. 🙂