Recreating Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo’s Circa-1759 “Roofs and Chimneys of Country Houses”

I originally posted the following artwork I created, along with comment, onto my Facebook wall…

(Artwork by Rayn, and originally located here)

My Commentary: Created in Spring 2000 for art class at Stony Brook University.

The assignment was to recreate an illustration of Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo‘s circa-1759 “Roofs and Chimneys of Country Houses” using black ink, a dip pen, water and a paint brush on white 8×10 paper.

Being Governed by Your Inferiors…

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Jordan K…

"Plato: 427 -347 BCE"

“Plato: 427 -347 BCE”

Jordan K.: One of the consequences of refusing to participate in [censored] is that you end up being governed by your [censored].

Rayn: Plato understood the true power of the Republic, and knew the dangers of the citizenry becoming disinterested in politics!

Jordan K.: lol i was wondering if anybody would know who wrote that but i shoulda known!

Rayn: No doubt! To be fair, though, I’ve had a picture of this quote saved inside of my computer for years now (along with many others).

Banking with Hitler – Treasonous Allied Banksters

I originally posted the following video and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Banking with Hitler:

(documentary written & directed by Paul Elston, originally airing on BBC in 1998)

 My Commentary: IBM is not the only traitorous culprit guilty of collaboration with the Nazis! Bankers in Allied nations worked hand-in-hand with the Third Reich before and during WWII, and banksters working at the Bank of England not only secretly financed Hitler with loans while Europe was being invaded, and England was being bombed, but they also leaked valuable intelligence to the Third Reich, directly resulting in the deaths of Allied forces! Besides this, while the US was still at peace with Germany, American-owned Chase Bank in Paris eagerly collaborated with the Nazis and took measures to seize the bank accounts and assets of their Jewish customers!

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Discussing IBM’s Collaboration with Nazi Party During WWII

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “IBM Collaborated with Nazis, Used Technology to Process Concentration-Camp-Victim Data During WWII“…

RaynExcerpt from “The Corporation: Taking the Right Side”:

International Business Machines (IBM) was founded in 1896 in Endicott, NY, under the name, “Tabulated Machines Company.” In 1911, it was incorporated under the name “Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation.” In 1924, it was given its current title by then-CEO Thomas J. Watson, who oversaw the company during its collaboration with Nazi Germany before and during World War II.

From 1933 to 1945, IBM was hired by the Third Reich to provide them with punch-cards, and custom-configured punch-card reading machines, that would allow the Nazis to quickly and efficiently process concentration camp victim data. With the punch-card machines requiring constant service, and the gathered victim information stored within, IBM housed customer sites in almost every concentration camp, so that the company could keep their operation running smoothly, and quickly tabulate the results of data for their fascist employers. Incidentally, even the infamous Auschwitz arm tattoo began as an IBM number!

Before U.S. involvement in WWII, then-CEO of IBM, Thomas J. Watson, made numerous arguments to the international community to lift sanctions against Germany (though, he was already knowingly working for the Nazis). In 1937, during the same year that he became president of the International Chamber of Commerce, Watson received the Cross of Merit of the Decoration of the German Eagle with a Star medal, the second-highest honor bestowed upon foreigners by Nazi Germany. However, after receiving much criticism for accepting the medal, in 1940, he returned it.

Kenny C.: i love technology.

Rayn: This sort of information puts a whole new meaning to the catchphrase, “Isn’t technology wonderful?”

Never Hate on IBM, or Hold the Company Accountable for their Crimes?

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “IBM Internal Document Outlines Knowledge of Planned Pandemic With 100% Certainty“…

First Page of IBM Pandemic Document

First Page of IBM Pandemic Document

Rayn: IBM Internal Document Outlines Knowledge of Planned Pandemic With 100% Certainty:

Well, well, well… What do we have here? A 2006 IBM internal document showing foreknowledge of an impending pandemic? With “100% chance of occurring within the next 5 years?”

Yes, that would be the same IBM corporation that collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II to bring us the horrors of the Holocaust – and, profited greatly for their efforts!

Is IBM up to their old tricks? Are they once again colluding with the dark and subversive elements of the world? Will they get another chance to profit from misery and death – this time, in an apparently inevitable manufactured pandemic? Will the governments of the world hire IBM to do the “grisly math” that will be “required” after the next “crisis” hits, just as the Nazis once did?

Kenny C.: I will never hate on IBM. They are the MAIN reason we are on the computer right now, and the reason we have the capabilities we do today.

Besides that, u kno back in 2006 there was alot of shit to anticipate even then, Avian Flu, Mad Cow and others that i forgot… They may or may not have been refering to H1N1

Rayn: I will ALWAYS hate on IBM, along with any other soulless corporate entity that sells out humanity in pursuit of power, profit or control!

Did you ever worder WHY IBM is even considered “the MAIN REASON” we have the PCs? Since the company denies all culpability in their collaboration with the Third Reich during WWII, and historical documents prove that IBM leased custom-configured punch-card machines to the Nazis, along with exclusively-made punch-cards, while running on-site customer service stations in most of Hitler’s concentration camps to provide monthly tune-ups to their hardware, we know that they are nothing more than lying war-criminals and war-profiteers, still covering their tracks to this day. And, because of IBMs efforts to whitewash their actions, we still know very little about the overall dealings that constituted this evil collaboration between corporation and goverment.

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