Military-Industrial-Scientific Complex

Military-Industrial-Scientific Complex

All throughout history, humanity has fought to retain natural-borne liberty in the face of systemic oppression. And, our worst enemy has always taken the same form: CENTRALIZED KNOWLEDGE, hoarded by the few, to the detriment of all. Once information is bottle-necked within a given system, and governed from top to bottom, on a “need-to-know” basis using “trickle-down” methods, ignorance prevails, and exploitation is only inevitable! FREEDOM cannot live within a compartmentalized, hierarchal, hive-minded SCIENTIFIC DICTATORSHIP. As human-beings, we must RESIST this unnatural, abominable DRONE-MINDED INSECTOID-SYSTEM before it completely desolates humanity ONCE AGAIN! PLEASE LIVE UP TO YOUR FREE-WILL! Embrace INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY and REJECT this HOUSE OF BONDAGE!

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2 Responses to Military-Industrial-Scientific Complex

  1. Mehrdad Shahabi says:

    I am really speechless ! I will stop at this and say no more, as I can hardly find any words to do justice to your amazing works of excellence in every respect: art/humanity/wisdom/maturity/….. There are so many angles to it. I am just speechless!

  2. Hiddenpalm says:

    Yo word up. Right on. All of these private companies make you pay dollars to get access to their archives. You have access to them when youre in college, but once your out, youre thrown out there with the rest of society and no longer have access to all that material to do your own research that you were taught how to do in college. After some years, you even forget how to do proper research like a real scholar. And then society is asked to vote. But how is a citizen supposed to vote if your mind is weak? Its an endless cycle of people getting fucked over, voting for what ever box allows you to perceive what the lesser of two evils according to your box and never for the best person for the job. We have 12 years to get our act together or the weather will enter into a change we can never come back from. Already firenados are now a normal thing. You cant eat fucking salads without some apparent ecoli scare that is now becoming more and more consistent and frequent. Coastal cities are sinking. The Caribbean is fucked. Italy is fucked. The Pacific Islands been fucked. Everything is fucked from rising sea waters to now the normalized flocks of whales washing up on shores with no way to save them. And there is no way people are going to figure out how to vote without fearing some boogieman politician within a span of a decade. Democrats scared of Trump, Republicans scared of Hillary so they end up voting for the worse of the worst, each and every time, year after year after year all over the world. And when a country does vote for a legit person who isnt corrupt, the United States makes their country a living hell, and does everything they can to over throw their country, like President Zelaya, where now the Honduran people are fleeing. Idiots are like, oh they should go back to their country and fix their problems. Well they fucking tried. But what do you do against a US puppet president, a senate run by US backed bankers and a military controlled by the US?

    Im sorry for the rant …. I should probably go to sleep. Im also pissed off that I find your music 8 years after the fact. Youre a dope MCee, and your art is dope too. Hope you come back to it one day soon and drop an album.

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