Is Obama “One of Us,” or is He Just Another Rich Puppet, Serving Corporate Masters?

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Obama’s Embrace of a Bush Tactic Riles Congress“…

“Same Shit, Different Piles” (Artwork by

“Same Shit, Different Piles”
(Artwork by

Rayn: Obama’s Embrace of a Bush Tactic Riles Congress:

First, Obama maintains Bush’s wars of aggression in Iraq & Afghanistan. Then, he begins the bombing of Pakistan. After this, he continues on with Bush’s agenda of bailing out the thieving Banksters & corrupt Corporations with our tax dollars. Now, in another act of sheer disregard for the will of Americans, Obama is embracing the Bush tactic of using “signing statements” to overturn portions of Congressional bills that he personally doesn’t approve of!

Remember, during his presidential campaign, Obama claimed that the use of signing statements was an executive “abuse” & an effort by Bush to “accumulate more power in the presidency.” He promised that he would not take the same path, which he considered “an end run around Congress,” but instead, would “obey the Constitution”:

Obama on Signing Statements:

Understand that this is a BIPARTISAN ISSUE! Republicans & Democrats alike are understandably upset! Obama is turning out to be A PURE FRAUD, like BUSH!

When are people gonna stop embracing the FALSE LEFT-RIGHT PARADIGM and realize that the real equation is THE PEOPLE vs. THE AMERICAN CORPORATION-STATE?

Kenny C.: i see that shit, its sad because i thought this guy was one of us, down to earth person that came from the same situation we did, and would use that to help the common american.

i guess the $$ started floating infront of his face, what man can resist the urge to rob the tax payers?

i know i can, but politicians, can not and will not ever.

1 last thing is that, sad to say, this country is now a lost cause. obama is rising the deficit to outrageous numbers, he dont care because he wont be re-elected to have to deal with the debt.
however us, and our children are going to have a hell of a time with conflicts with china, and others that own our debts.
Obama said he was going to end the war, not provoke more wars.
and these idiots that declared war in the first place, did they not think it would piss these people off
did they not think these ppl have nothing to lose, losing their families to us air strikes, home invasions..
now we have life long enemies out there, instead of resolutions!

Rayn: Obama is nothing like us. He’s just another rich puppet, serving only the interests of his corporate masters. He was never a real peace candidate.

Many people fail to realize that the FALSE RIGHT-LEFT PARADIGM is exactly what keeps us all distracted while THE STATE robs US simultaneously of our freedom & wealth. During last year’s election, just about every candidate covered and pushed by the media, including Obama, wanted WAR, while the few that didn’t (Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney, Mike Gravel & Dennis Kucinich) were painted out as kooks, fringe elements & longshots. And, remember, this is the same slanted, complicit, uninvestigative mainstream media helped push Bush’s WMD lies to the public in order to garner support for the war in Iraq! If we are to understand anything about what is going on in the world, we must turn to alternative sources for our news! If not, prepare to be suckered into more wars, less freedom, more bailouts for the rich, less jobs, more Corporatism & cronyism, and the eventual self-destruction of our American Republic!

Communism is a Just Another Hierarchical System of Bondage (Much Like Socialism & Capitalism)

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall. Peace activist, Cindy Sheehan, was also kind enough to say a few words…

Political Pyramid Schemes

Political Pyramid Schemes

Rayn: “Ever since the institution of the Constitution, revolution’s been the only solution to fight the mind pollution!!”

Boris P.: we should have communism back. So that everyone gets a job and still be broke!!!

Rayn: Have it back? Ha ha! I think you’re confusing America with Russia. However, your description of communism is flawless, so I’ll still give you props!


Boris P.: Kenny – Grass is always greener on the other side…

Rayn: Communism, much like Corporate Capitalism and Socialism, is a HOPELESSLY FAILED HIERARCHICAL SYSTEM that breeds CORRUPTION & GENOCIDE! Once in place, elections vanish, and are quickly replaced by a single-party TOTALITARIAN government! Historically, communism has never worked, and some of the WORST DICTATORS to date rose to power under this system, including Mao Ze-Dong & Jozef Stalin, who collectively mudered almost 100 MILLION INDIVIDUAL (making Hitler’s 12 million murders seem like child’s play)! Communism helps along the EUGENICIST AGENDA of KILLING “UNDESIRABLES,” like the mentally challenged, the disabled, and certain religious or social groups, in order to keep costs low for the working class! Ze-Dong & Stalin were hailed as “heroes” by many of those living in their respective countries, because they had the “courage” to do the “grisly math” necessary to make communism a socially & financially viable system! Just like CORPORATE CAPITALISM, COMMUNISM SLOWLY TRANSFERS a NATION’S WEALTH INTO THE HANDS OF A FEW, GREEDY SUPER-ELITISTS!

Cindy Sheehan: sounds like the same thing that happens when out of control crony capitalism happens….

American Government, or Individual Sovereignty?

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I shared the lyrics to my song, “America“…

"Structural Corruption"

“Structural Corruption”

Anthony T.: This country is pretty messed up, but do you know of a better alternative?

Rayn: Being forced to choose between flawed government systems creates the “FALSE PARADIGM.” Here’s another alternative: How about INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY!? It may not be available right now, but that doesn’t remove it as an alternative, or eliminate it as reasonable way of life! This is vastly superior to being a SLAVE! And, if that answer doesn’t suit you, here’s another alternative: Switzerland. For one, the taxes very reasonable. Unlike here, where everyone but the rich pays 30.8%, almost no one pays over 30% (this is why the rich keep their money in Swiss Banks). Their policies make them one of the richest countries in the world by per capita gross domestic product. Out of their three global cities, Zürich & Geneva have respectively been ranked as having the first and second highest quality of life in the world! Also, as all men are required to join the militia, and must keep their service guns in their home, crime is very low! And, unlike America, the Swiss remain neutral unless attacked!

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Is Feminism Ruining America, or Is Political Correctness the Possible Culprit?

Upon reading the article, “Feminism: Destroying America,” by Alan Stang, I engaged in the following debate with the author about his work…

“Just Say No” to Political Correctness

“Just Say No” to Political Correctness

Rayn: I came across your article on the internet and agreed with it up until you hit the part about feminism. I have recently noticed a growing trend of male authors writing about the social downfall created by feminism (i.e. While it is refreshing to see that men are finally noticing that the values of women and men were attacked in the USA during the 50s and 60s (with advent of Playboy Magazine to devalue women to men and the second “feminist” movement to devalue women to other women), it is disheartening to have this argument then morph into a lesson on how women are in some way spiritually weaker than men. While you get close to the truth, you fall short of having a hearty message because you fail to see the bigger picture. Your insights, whether intentional or accidental, only seek to further the concepts of groupthink as reigning supreme over the rights of the individual.

Please hear me out because I do not seek to insult you, rather I wish to enlighten you to a larger truth that most seems to be overlooking for now. You see, the family problem you are describing should more accurately be called “neo-feminism,” since the true spirit of feminism was based on fighting for suffrage, which, unlike this “upkeep-of-family-as-slavery” neo-feminism, truly had the merit of being a Creator-given right to speak out against having no individual voice, and as such proved that women deserved a speaking role in politics and all other arenas that directly affected their lives.

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Does the Phrase, “Poverty is Violence,” Refer to Criminal Violence, or the Seeming Violence of Long-Term Homelessness & Malnutrition?

Upon reading the article, “Poverty is Violence,” by Russel Madden, I engaged in the following debate with the author about his work…

"Poverty is the worst form of violence' Mahatma Gandhi

“Poverty is the worst form of violence’ Mahatma Gandhi

Rayn: I came across your article, “Poverty and Violence,” online in an attempt to find the original author of the quote “Povery is Violence” (it appears to be Ghandi, but I’m still in the process of researching). Anyway, after I had finished reading, I was compelled to write to you. I needed to tell you this: there is absolutely no merit whatsoever in equating the “violence” described in the saying “poverty is violence” with petty crime, or the phrase “poverty is theft.”

This paradoxical saying is simply meant to convey a few simple ideas. Living in hunger is violent because it directly results in physical discomfort, pain and deterioration, and in the worse-case scenarios, dehydration, malnutrition and death; living in homelessness is violent because it exposes you to the harshness of the elements, including frosty winter and snowstorms, rain and thunderstorms, and scorching summer heat. These conditions are known to cause severe physical discomfort, and in the worse-case scenarios, hypothermia, cold and pneumonia, and dehydration. Do you see that pattern that is forming? You can claim that all of these things could be from bad luck, laziness or stupidity, but this meritless generalization, which starts as a possibility, becomes your reason of choice as to why people are trapped in poverty. Also, you define poverty as just at or below the level needed to survive (most definitions actually point to the latter), but then, as if you are writing a whole new article, you later redefine poverty into a much larger group of people: those who have less than the people that have more. This obviously serves to bring home your point that people in poverty are actually just jealous of those with more. However, if we had maintained your first definition, then the “more” that we would be referring to would actually be “food” and “shelter,” not the luxury and comfort items that come to mind when you describe a simple “less vs. more” version of poverty.

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