Drug Test Floridian Welfare Recipients, or Protect the Constitutional Rights of All Americans?

The following debate originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an acquaintance…

Urine specimen container used for most drug tests

Urine specimen container used for most drug tests

Arielle K.: Florida is the first state that will require drug testing when applying for welfare (effective July 1st)! Some people are crying this is unconstitutional. How is this unconstitutional yet it’s okay that every working person had to pass a drug test in order to support those on welfare? Re-post if you agree!!! Let’s get welfare back to the ones who NEED it, not those that just WANT it!

Sara K.: Disagree. A lot of people on welfare were once working class citizens, therefore it was there own tax paying dollars that are being paid to give them a hand up. I don’t think jobs or welfare should be able to ask you for your bodily fluids. Nobody but a doctor should need to get your piss. If we keep allowing our constituional rights to be stripped from us, then what’s next?

Sara J.: Why not? When I went into the military I had to give blood, and to be a teacher I had to be fingerprinted, why is it that those who want something for nothing scream bloody murder when asked to prove they deserve the benefits, or are even entitled to them, when plenty of jobs require the same thing…if you want something, prove you need and deserve it.

Sara J.: This also goes for fingerprinting, especially, everyone should be fingerprinted and then when people try to pull scams they would get caught…it’s only the criminals who scream because they know they can no longer max out somelthing their not entitled to…or get caught and locked up… (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)

Defend Obama’s War in Libya, or Fight for Peace?

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Ironically, America’s First Black President Invades Africa“…

The African nation, Libya, is under attack by America

The African nation, Libya, is under attack by America

Rayn: 1st Black US President Invades Africa:

“Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?” Perhaps Obama should receive another Nobel Peace Prize, eh?

Rayn: …

War = Peace
Freedom = Slavery
Ignorance = Strength

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Is it “Naive” to Expect Equality and the Preservation of All Natural Rights in America?

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “There is only ONE RACE of Homo Sapiens: THE HUMAN RACE!“…

A Beautiful Two-Toned Married Couple

A Beautiful Two-Toned Married Couple

Rayn: 46 Percent of Mississippi Republicans Want Interracial Marriage Banned:

There is only ONE RACE of Homo Sapiens: THE HUMAN RACE! ! Who else is sick to death of this pathologically pathetic, pseudo-scientific “race” nonsense? Why is this JUNK SCIENCE STILL being shoved down our collective throats? And, without so much as a peep from the public, or the media, too? Talk about SUSPECT! As Individuals, it’s time for us to start UNLEARNING LIES, and EMBRACING TRUTH!  The idea behind “race” is, by far, one of the most “racist” things you could honestly imagine, invented by pure white supremacists! I wish we could all understand just how tied into eugenics the concept of “race” is, so that we can collectively expose and discard this despicable word and concept! It has everything to do with the promotion of “racial hygiene,” and NOTHING to do with REALITY!!!! I can’t remain silent as those  around me continue to spew their babblings, based upon controller-manufactured concepts of death! I am literally COMPELLED to RESIST the MIND-POISON!

Rayn: It’s time for Americans to start UNLEARNING LIES, and EMBRACING TRUTH!

Katherine C.: It’s Mississippi…what do you expect??

Jordan K.: When you google mississippi one of the things that comes up is they’re trying to ban fat people from eating in public.

Stacie T.: If the mind is open, it accepts all knowledge. If it is closed, knowledge knocks elsewhere and another lonely ignoramous joins the heard of mindless sheep.

Rayn: I really don’t care which State of the Union we’re talking about, Katherine. I ALWAYS expect equality and the preservation of all natural rights in America, regardless of the will of the oppressors!

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George Washington: American Revolutionary, or Slave-Mastering Eugenicist?

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

George Washington, the Slave-Master

George Washington, the Slave-Master

Larry Fox: Ah, Rayn, we became friends just in time to celebrate your birthday on the 22nd. Same birthday as my favorite president. How wonderful!

Rayn: Ha ha! No doubt! I take it George Washington must be your favorite president, then?

Larry Fox: Yes, absolutely. I could talk about him for hours. For now I will only make this one comment: He is the only man in history who led a successful revolutionary army who then turned his back on power. Not Cromwell in England, Caesar in Rome, Castro in Cuba, Napoleon in France and on and on. After he signed the peace with England he mounted his horse in New York and with a single aid rode to the temporary meeting place of the Continental Congress in Virginia. He walked in unannounced, placed his commission on the table, his sword, and without a word, turn and left for home in Mt. Vernon. For this alone I idolize him, and there is much more. I could go on but I fear I would put you to sleep. If I forget by Tuesday – Happy Birthday!

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Pseudo-Scientific Anti-Cannabis Propaganda, or Fact?

The following debate originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an ex-acquaintance…

2011-02-08 - Pseudo-Scientific Anti-Cannabis Propaganda, or Fact

Madeline F.: Pot, the “safe” drug thought to be innocuous, proved to be linked in study to early psychosis:

Cannabis May Influence Onset of Psychosis:

Daniel Sz.: Speaking from personal experience, I became floridly and acutely psychotic immediately after the last time I smoked it, which was about four years ago. I had smoked it about a dozen times prior to that over the previous few years with no ill effect. The last time, however, landed me in the hospital. I have been hospitalized for psychotic episodes five times since then–including recently. I will never know to what extent it was the cannabis I smoked that caused it, or to what extent it was the Abilify I had taken for OCD and the Adderall I had taken for ADD. My stance on this is that yes, cannabis is bad for some people. But banning it makes about as much sense as banning sugar because it is harmful for diabetics. (And I am also a diabetic.) Those are me two cents’ worth.

Madeline F.: I think it would be a good idea to limit pot, sugar and fast foods in this country, especially to certain populations. Obesity and diabetes are becoming epidemics in this country and bankrupting our health care system. In many cases diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, cardiac and other health problems are preventable and reversible by living a healthy lifestyle. People waste food stamps on junk food and cigarettes, and there is proposed legislation which may restrict peoples’ access to these items who use food stamps. I hope it goes through because this country is having a health care crisis with younger and younger populations suffering from preventable diseases. As far as cannabis goes, my view is that its use should be medical only. Who knows if smoking it may have triggered your epigenetic tendency to psychosis. Mightn’t you have been better off if you’d never found out, or had a few more years before your first episode?

Rayn: If you read the content of this article carefully, you will notice that cannabis is only linked with early psychosis among those individuals who WILL suffer from psychosis in life, NOT among those who will not. This places the title of this article completely at odds with the information contained within. On its own, the title appears to push the fear-mongering pseudo-science of Voodoo Pharmacology, as if cannabis use CAUSES or leads to psychosis. And, since only two words (“among psychotics”) by the article-writer would have prevented such confusion, and yet, were not added, I’m inclined to believe that it was done intentionally. Also, there is no indication in this article as to whether those in the studies were taking medication, and what those medicines were. Without a prescription-drug-free “control group” to work with, all results mentioned in this article could just as easily be the result of interaction between cannabis and anti-psychotic drugs. Whether this is true or not, good studies don’t even leave room for such interpretations. There is also no mention about whether there was a control group that was NOT using casual stimulants, such as coffee or tobacco, which have been known to increase psychosis in some… You would think that this study’s researchers, or the article’s author, (whoever is responsible for the lack of full info on the study) would be much more thorough than this on a topic so controversial… Sad, really, what passes for journalism these days! I will save this article in the same folder that I keep all of my “WMDs in Iraq” articles!

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