A Short Review of the Film, “The International”

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall…

"The International"

“The International”

Rayn: I watched “The International.”

Keith M.: How Was It? IM Going To See it On Tuesday.

Rayn: It was good. The plot line could have been a little more involved, but it was worth seeing. It’s not easy to make a movie about the conspiracy of the International Banksters to cause war, exact regime political regime change, and profit from both sides of it!

Feedback on My Poem, “The Slave-State of Corporate Capitalism”

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my poem, “The Slave-State of Corporate Capitalism“…


Rayn: I’ve witnessed the underclass and understood its necessary permanence in a capitalistic world where commercialism and technology are the new imperialisms, and the race to manufacture and sell has caused America to declare a war on poverty and ignorance, and punish those assumed guilty with life-sentences of servitude to dead-end jobs that trickle down minimum wages and allow the rich to get richer, while the rest get deceived into thinking that they, too, can one day become the next John D. Rockefeller, yet, never do, because the fruits of labor have been replaced with high-tech paper, suitable to be used for the purchase of the same illusions of necessity and convenience that they’ve spent their work day creating…

Keith M.: Thank you!

Rayn: You’re most welcome!

Thomas Pr.: There is this guy James at work. He graduated Duke on Scholarship. He works for me. I tell him how it is with the back of my hand upside his head.