Street Fighter – Celebrity Edition, Featuring Björk

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Claudia C….

Rayn: LOL!

Björk vs. Reporter:

Claudia C.: she lost it… what was the reason for such display of violence?

Rayn: I think Björk’s maternal instincts went into overdrive. For one, that particular reporter was stalking Björk from place to place, even as she attempted to avoid the woman. Secondly, as Björk was passing by the paparazzi, they attempted to ask her baby son questions, which she found to be most threatening!

Claudia C.: aha. I did not know that reporter was stalking her.

Rayn: No doubt! It’s not exactly obvious from this footage… I saw it on television, originally.

Discussing Disturbing Medical Criminality

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Stacie T….

Keemonta Peterson and Dr. Kermit Gosnel

Keemonta Peterson and Dr. Kermit Gosnel

Stacie T.Keemonta Peterson – Jailed After Circumcising Baby With Box Cutter And Pliers:

Sara: What a disgusting piece of shit.

Sara: Seriously, what a fucking retard. She “read the bible” and “watched youtube video”? So suddenly you’re a fucking doctor? How cruel can one person be. No pain medication, no anesthesia, just decided it was time to circumcise her son and then let it bleed uncontrollably for 2 hrs before calling 911. I feel sick to my stomach, I hope her son goes to a better home and never sees this psycho again.

Stacie T.: Read up on Dr. Kermit Gosnel and his illegal late term abortion clinic. It will really make you sick. He practiced the daily murder of viable infants via scissor to the spinal cord until a patient was killed by an overdose of anethesia in January. He had untrained teenagers administering the anesthesia and jars with infant parts stored all over the filthy office.

Rayn: How putrid! Now, Gosnel is a TRUE psychopath! The woman above seems to be more like a complete and total moron, dangerously lacking in common sense (though, I could be wrong)… Either way, they BOTH sick people that deserve to be exposed, ridiculed, and shunned, regardless of their motives… (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)

There is only ONE RACE of Homo Sapiens: THE HUMAN RACE!

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

A Beautiful Two-Toned Married Couple

A Beautiful Two-Toned Married Couple

46 Percent of Mississippi Republicans Want Interracial Marriage Banned:

(Lauren A new poll gauging Mississippi Republicans’ preferences going into the 2012 election ended up revealing something more startling: 46 percent of GOP voters in the state think interracial marriage should be illegal. Results were announced Thursday by Public Policy Polling, a polling firm based in North Carolina. The company asked 400 Republican primary voters about their preferences for candidates for state and national offices, as well as their views on interracial marriage.

(Read entire artice here…)

My Commentary: There is only ONE RACE of Homo Sapiens: THE HUMAN RACE! ! Who else is sick to death of this pathologically pathetic, pseudo-scientific “race” nonsense? Why is this JUNK SCIENCE STILL being shoved down our collective throats? And, without so much as a peep from the public, or the media, too? Talk about SUSPECT! As Individuals, it’s time for us to start UNLEARNING LIES, and EMBRACING TRUTH!  The idea behind “race” is, by far, one of the most “racist” things you could honestly imagine, invented by pure white supremacists! I wish we could all understand just how tied into eugenics the concept of “race” is, so that we can collectively expose and discard this despicable word and concept! It has everything to do with the promotion of “racial hygiene,” and NOTHING to do with REALITY!!!! I can’t remain silent as those  around me continue to spew their babblings, based upon controller-manufactured concepts of death! I am literally COMPELLED to RESIST the MIND-POISON!

Credit Card Company Engaging in Loan-Sharking Practices

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

"Loan Shark"

“Loan Shark”

Genaire: Here’s an example of Obama’s credit card reform. You can get a better deal from the Mafia loan sharks.

Credit Card’s Newest Trick: 79.9% Interest:

Rayn: Purely illegal and purely evil!

Unay U.: i don’t think that was the intention of the reform. this appears to be based on some scrupleless expoloitation of a loophole

Genaire: True fix it is what I say.

Genaire: But i bet they wont 🙂

Unay U.: the fix is in the people. we need to exert our power.

Genaire: I agree. We need to make informed choices at the polls and actually pay attention to what these pigs are saying at the presidential debates.

Rayn: A Nation of Sheep Shall Be Ruled By Pigs

"A Nation of Sheep Shall Be Ruled By Pigs"<BR>(Artwork by Rayn, and originally located here)

“A nation of SHEEP
Shall be ruled by PIGS.”
(Artwork by Rayn, and originally located here)

Genaire: Ron Paul 2012!! (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)