Fully Exposing the Child-Grooming Agenda of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

The following debate originally took place here, on the Facebook wall of fellow Voluntaryist, Parrish Miller…

Parrish: The article linked in the comments below is a lengthy one, but Christopher Rufo’s meticulous research shines much needed light on the dark forces that have long sought to normalize pedophilia and destroy the foundations of Western society.

“Christopher F. Rufo: I spent a month digging into the real story behind Drag Queen Story Hour. It’s the culmination of a 40-year campaign to destigmatize adult-child sexuality and create a “site of queer pleasure” for make transvestites and kids. It’s worse than you think.”

Parrish: The Real Story Behind Drag Queen Story Hour:

Tim B.: When are you going to stop with your sick and twisted obsession already? I’m sincerely begining to wonder if you are so obsessed because you’re like Larry Craig, but with kids rather than dudes. I don’t want to think that, but you have this really strange obsession and my rational mind is telling me maybe thats it?? Same goes for the OP Christopher Rufo here, why else put so much time and energy into this? I’ve hesitated to say this, but my mind is telling me you either were molested as a kid yourself, or you are attracted to kids, otherwise why so obsessed with what other people are doing with their time? It’s honestly really weird, and I personally think I need to host a fucking drag queen story hour.

By the way, I am reading the article now, and Queer theory sounds like something a self described ANARCHIST should support. Deconstructing sexual hierarchy, anarchists oppose hierarchy. Ending sexual norms and all norms is a GOOD THING. Is it not?

The actual solution to dealing with pedophilia is to LOVE pedophiles, to have empathy to what they feel and seek to help them before they become child molestors so children never get harmed. Your woodchipper fucking extrajudicial killing nonsense would murder humans and do nothing to prevent child molestation. Sure Rubin takes it too far, but

I’m not going to put more time into reading all of this. The fact is, I am not gay, not a drag queen, not trans and I want to promote a drag queen story hour now because I as a parent sincerely believe it to be a GOOD thing for kids, to show kids its ok to be authentic and be ones self and not fear judgement of others. Its sad you turn this all into sex when its NOT about that.

I look forward to talking to you on election night since you totally ignore my messages and Marlyns invite to dinner. I feel really sorry for you Parrish, I am so perplexed as to WTF happened to the guy who I respected because he had principles.

Chrissy R.: Tim Oh look, the old standard, “Why are you so obsessed with x? You’re probably gay/pedophilic/y.” A favorite of the stupid zombies such as yourself.

Seriously, I’m hopeful that you get what’s coming to you sooner than later, you and the catcher’s mitt faced slag that always comments along with you.

Chrissy R.: I fEeL rEaLlY sOrRy FoR YoU

Pffffft. Take the butt plug out and blow that disingenuous bullshit out of your ass, groomer.

Tim B.: Chrissy Rosales this is because there is a real phenomena of this. A GOP Idaho congressman was arrested for soliciting gay sex in the Minneapolis Airport. There is an entire documentary about he and other self hating gay politicians. https://youtu.be/mduJRZuWfFM

Kevin B.: Are you actually defending this behavior??????

Rayn: Wow! Looks like you caught a live one, Parris! By their fruit, you will know them. This spiritually-polluted pervert shamelessly states that the Adversary has infiltrated his mind, hardened his heart, and filled him with the Spirit of the Accuser. Then, in his total ignorance of his own wretched condition, he attempts to shame YOU for exposing the ongoing and escalating sexual abuse of impressionable, vulnerable young children by lawless grown men. After this, he admits to his own sexual corruption, while attempting to twist the meaning of anarchy (“no rulers”) in order to create the impression that Sovereigns are tasked to live in the disorder of lawlessness, rather than living in discipline with Natural Law, for principled peace. Finally, he admits that your efforts to expose child abusers has inspired him to also expose the youth to perversion. His delusion is so strong, he actually imagines that when disgruntled, misogynistic homosexual men cross-dress as women, in total mockery and derision of the female form and female sexuality, then perform a glorified, gender-based “minstrel show” to create a sexually charged atmosphere among young children, in hopes of grooming them into sexual abusive behaviors, it is not pure fraud and corruption, but “a GOOD thing for kids, to show kids its ok to be authentic and be ones self and not fear judgement of others.” He claims, “its sad you turn this all into sex when its NOT about that,” even though he already earlier admitted that the “queer theory” guiding events like “drag story hour” work towards “deconstructing sexual hierarchy.” As the saying goes: a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. In conclusion, keep ignoring those messages, and trash that invite! 🚮

Ok, Groomer

Tim B.: Rayn Way to say you hate freedom and love controlling others lives without saying it.

The hypocrisy among you weirdly obsessed people is UNREAL.

Rayn: Cool story, groomer. While you might imagine that hypocritically hiding behind “freedom” will protect your desire to sexually molest the hearts, minds and souls of innocent young children, and that it will give credence to your “weird obsession” with tampering with their not-yet-developed sexuality, I’m here to tell you the right of the youth to be FREE from ABUSE trumps your alleged “freedom” to cause them harm, creep.

“Drag Queen Story Hour” is educational for children.” “OK GROOMER!”

Tim B.: Rayn I am a family man with great family values, father of 2 children ages 10 and 13. I feel really sorry for you people with so much hate in your hearts.

I can choose to parent my children how I want which is teaching them to love thy neighbor, be kind, treat others with kindness and respect. Values that seem to have been lost with you.

I’ll just pray for people like you and Parrish to wake up from your irrational delusions and soften your hearts with the love of God to replace all that hate in you.

Tim B.: Rayn FYI you are NO VOLUNTARYIST. That’s what I am, and voluntarily believe in live and let live, not weird irrational shaming and accusations of people who want to live and raise their children differently.

Stop using terms you don’t understand the meaning of.

Rayn: I’m a parent, too, Tim. And, I was also once a child – just like we all were. At no point in my childhood did I ever want, nor did I ever need, adults exposing me to their sexuality, in any form, whatsoever. And, in fully having my innocence protected by my parents, along with that of my siblings, while we all witnessed the corruption that a lack of protection caused among others who weren’t afforded this vital service, I’m also completely aware of the absolute importance in allowing children to live free from the harm of being mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually molested by predators.

I will continue to call myself a Voluntaryist, just as I have for over a decade, because I live by the principle of self-ownership, as proven by my non-aggression towards others, and my respect and support for the informed consent of all, in full adherence to the Written Word of Yahuah (the “10 Sayings”), and His Living Word, Yahusha HaMashiach. It is my sacred duty to expose abusers who violate the consent of children – especially pathetically unprincipled fraudsters, like yourself, who smugly shroud themselves with the label “Voluntaryist,” in order to claim the “freedom” to violate others, and to play the victim anytime that are called out for continuing to violate the more vulnerable member of society.

In conclusion, save your prayers for your children. They’re going to need it, as you’ve already confessed your intention to tamper with their innocence, and adulterate their minds, hearts, and souls with inappropriate adult themes and sexuality, in an effort to corrupt their perception of “authentic” to mean all manners of vulgar, exaggerated, caricatured gender-based mimicry. You feel justified in your intention to abuse your children simply because it’s “legal” to do so, but that’s because you derive your weak and inconsistent moral positions from the corrupt State, just like any other mindless, heartless slave. You publicly brag about your intention to betray your role as a father, and sacrifice your children, purely in pursuit of validation from strangers. You are pathologically pathetic. Only in your wildest delusions of grandeur would you be in a position to lecture me about the meaning of “Voluntaryism,” you complete and total creep.

Tim B.: Rayn All you do is belittle, shame and be rude, and make dishonest accusations.

It is my own past and upbringing that also makes me so passionate about LIVE AND LET LIVE. Something you CLEARLY don’t know how to do.

I am a strong believer in the NAP, as such I in now way believe in freedom to violate others. Where on earth did you get such an absurd notion?

In what way do I have an intention to abuse my children? And how on earth do you think me a libertarian voluntaryst would derive my moral position from the state? An institution I mostly despise? Seriously you sound so foolish saying these things. My morality comes from God my creator, not the state.

Your rambling makes no sense, I could care less about validation from strangers, where you get this nonsense? My core values are: love and liberty in that order.

I don’t intend to lecture you on voluntaryisn but based on all pf your posts stand STRONGLY by my opinion that you should you use terms you don’t understand because you are definitely no voluntaryist.

Rayn: Okay, groomer. You completely discredited yourself as a Voluntaryist, long before I even posted my first reply, here. For one, you spoke in full support of tax-funded, State-protected “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Secondly, you also confessed your desire to violate the consent of your own children by exposing them to the adult themes and sexuality presented by “Drag Queen Story Hour.” By the time I finally replied, here, I addressed Parrish, directly, to correspond with him about the nature of your disgusting, abusive, accusatory gaslighting reply to his post. And, I did this for very good reason. Considering the way in which you addressed Parrish, here, you are shamelessly hypocritical to call ME “rude,” bro. You reap what you sow, in this respect.

The primary reason I even chose to reply, here, is because I have never, in my life, witnessed one “friend” tell another, “my mind is telling me you either were molested as a kid yourself, or you are attracted to kids, otherwise why so obsessed with what other people are doing with their time?” You are a complete fraud, and your words easily prove the dishonest of your empty claim that your “values” are “love and liberty in that order.” LOVE doesn’t look or sound anything like this, not even on its worse day, joker. Your words are exactly what a vile, despicable, arrogant, entitled, narrow-minded, hard-hearted, ugly-on-the-inside, worthless pseudo-friend would say to passive-aggressively minimize and mock the struggles of those he cannot understand, due to his gigantic ego. And, when I read your despicable statement, I took it as a direct invitation to participate in this correspondence, since I truly loathe bullies, and never hesitate to make light work of cowards, like you. Your public conduct with a “friend” proves that your “God” is HaShatan, the Accuser of the brethren, who reflexively assassinates the characters of those who tell the Truth about the destructive nature of his evil. In reality, you should’ve just listened to that “hesitation” you mentioned in your first comment, as that fleeting feeling you ignored is likely what little remains of your underdeveloped conscience.

Oh, the irony of hypocrisy, when you say to me, “all you do is belittle, shame and be rude, and make dishonest accusations,” since that is PRECISELY what YOU did to Parrish, with no provocation from him, other than his shining the light of Truth upon evil, which obviously irritated your demons so greatly, you attempted to disparage him from speaking up in one of the most slimy, sneaky and underhanded ways I’ve ever personally witnessed, among “friends.” You should be thankful for having a patient friend like Parrish, because I wouldn’t tolerate your brand of toxicity for even a single day.

And, now Mr. Drag Queen Story Hour challenges me to prove that his mortality is authored by the State, as though I’M the false accuser? How about you go peruse the article Parrish shared, again? You’ll easily see that you’re the one that’s confused and babbling nonsense, here. Did you not immediately began to publicly lend your support to “deconstructing sexual hierarchy” after only your very first read of the material, pervert? So, please tell me all about this “sexual hierarchy” you imagine yourself to be in, and how the stated goals of such a movement aren’t a total affront to individual sovereignty. Please, I’m all ears. And, if you do find the guile inside to pull yourself out of that self-made pit, please tell me all about the “sexual norms” you are intent on “ending,” creep, and how you’ll achieve this goal without violating the consent of others.

I think you’ll find that you have been completely out of your league, here, morally, the entire time, because you simply haven’t developed the compassion and discernment necessary to approach the topic of “Drag Queen Story Hour,” nor to understand the ponerology of pathocracy, nor to adequately protect the innocent from mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual harm. Children will always maintain the right to be free from the corrupting influence of adult sexuality, no matter how many misogynistic, cross-dressing gay men, nor perverted, self-stimulating gynophiliacs, intend to caricature, mock, degrade and humiliate the female form and inject their polluted, stereotyped views of women’s sexuality, through the “performatory activism” of gender-based minstrel burlesque shows, wherein they create a sexually-charged atmosphere to an audience of children, in order to unduly “challenge” (tamper with) the youth to turn away from their childhood innocence, and embrace adult themes that they are biologically incapable of understanding.

I suggest you pray to the Creator of All Life for the gift of compassion and discernment, so that you don’t find yourself sympathizing with humanity’s captors – starting with the false “god” called LUST (TO COVET) – nor will you find yourself bragging about your intention to betray your role as father, and sacrifice your own children, in pursuit of the shallow, fickle, fleeting “favor” that slave-mastering “gods” like these bestow upon their foolish followers.


Christine R.: Rayn Woof, you’re amazing. You dropped this 🏆

Thomas M.: Tim As a father of 9 years, and as a father of 3, I can firmly say that you have no fatherly instincts whatsoever and that you being a father only makes even more disgusting and disturbing your wish to host a party for the purpose of men dressed in lingerie to read to children, before also getting the children to stripper dance and dangling their adult dongs in those children’s faces.

Too many victims of child abuse are abused by family members, fathers included; but, still, there are great parents, terrible parents, and all variety in-between. Therefore, in conclusion, merely being a father gives you no credit and, in this instance of you defending sexual ludeness with minor children, actually devalues any cred that you may have had.

I pray 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 Elohiym El Elyon send the Ruachs of Mercy, Blindness, Curses, and Death to protect Facebook user Tim Beck’s children from all who would even think to harm or lust after them. This I pray in the name of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤔𐤏 ha’Mashiac. Selah olam.

Tim B.: Thomas As a father of 13 years and a father of 2 i can with confidence say I am a great father and you are judging someome you dont even know. I feel bad for your kids to be raised to be judgemental in this way. Everyone who actually knows me would describe me as a wonderful father and that my role as dad is the role i am best at. So way to be judgemental about people you don’t know simply because I chose to raise loving children rather than children who hate people different than them.

My life is directed by God through daily communication. I’m sorry my loving God directs me to follow love rather than your bigoted hateful God. So I’ll go ahead and pray that you find love in your heart rather than being rude and shaming people you don’t know.

Tim B.: Rayn I’ll stick with my values of: Love and Liberty and real Voluntaryism(I never once said I supported tax funded anything by the way) and you can stick with your values of: hate, control, shame, emotional abuse.

And people wonder why the Liberty movement goes nowhere. Here a self described voluntaryist rather than seeking unity in the cause against leviathan the state she instead goes off on a bunch of bullshit nonsense because she doesn’t know how to live and let live.

I want to know.. why is it so unreasonable for me to question Parrish as possibly attracted to children do to his weird obsession but somehow reasonable for you to call me a groomer and imply the same? Do you see your hypocrisy?

I sincerely am curious and concerned because it’s legitimately REALLY WEIRD to be so obsessed with what other people are doing with their time and their bodies.

By the way, you do something called projecting quit well..

Rayn: Dude, your public conduct, here, with Parrish proves that your false “God” is none other than HaShatan, the Accuser of the brethren, who reflexively assassinates the characters of those who tell the Truth about the destructive nature of his evil. You showed everyone here EXACTLY how UGLY, HATEFUL and DESPERATELY ACCUSATORY you become, in your burning lust to defend the non “rights” of cross-dressing gay men to perform gender-based minstrel burlesque shows to audiences of children, in a concerted effort to create a sexually-charged atmosphere with the goal of tampering with their innocence, under the flag of “performative activism.” In reality, you should’ve just listened to that “hesitation” you mentioned in your first comment, as that fleeting feeling you ignored is likely what little remains of your underdeveloped conscience.

Meanwhile, I called you a groomer because of your publicly-confessed intention to tamper with your children’s innocent by exposing them to “Drag Queen Story Hour.” So, what makes you believe that your unfounded, evidence-free character assassination against Parrish is somehow comparable with my quick summary of YOUR OWN CONFESSION? Do you understand how non-sequitur your “reasoning” is, or are you always this intellectually dishonest? Either way, your “logic” is as full of holes as your morality. Your critical thinking skills have dropped from “low” to “nonexistent,” with your latest reply. How pitiful, to watch you desperately flounder about…

With all of the false accusations you slung at Parrish, long before I ever showed up, it is readily apparent that you’re a hypocritical and unprincipled poser who doesn’t have the integrity to “live and let live,” where the innocence of your own children is concerned, here. You prefer to defend the imagined “rights” of cross-dressing gay men to corrupt the innocence of the young, because you think it will garner you a few more brownie points from the LGBT community that you are so desperate to ingratiate yourself with. Look at your FB wall, and it’s immediately apparent that you’re so eager to congratulate the latest gay Mormon celebrity for “coming out of the closet,” it makes you completely hard-hearted to the fact that this joker you herald spent so long perpetrating false heterosexuality, he actually got engaged to be married to some poor innocent and trusting young woman, who he broke the heart of with his false promises. You should be celebrating the fraudster’s fiancee for enduring that creep for as long as she did. She managed to keep her cool, even after she learned the man she had already promised her entire life to was just a lying, lusting, covenant-breaking fraud. Maybe if you weren’t so busy showing undue sympathy for cowardly homosexual closet cases in spite of their innocent female victims, you’d have discovered “Gays Against Groomers,” a group of non-perpetrating homosexuals who are courageous enough to call out all of predators trying to hide behind a “queer” identity. Many of the gay members are very well-versed in the connection between homosexuality and being sexual molested, during childhood.

You’re been working so many overtime personal hours to “protect” the Rainbow Flag crew, it’s completely distorted the true meaning of “innocence” for you – exactly as intended – which has led you to betray your role as father, in order to sacrifice the innocence of your own children, as a means of proving your dedication to “supporting homosexuality.” When the article Parrish shared described “Drag Queen Story Hour” as “performative activism” meant to “end social norms,” that INCLUDED the “social norm” of PROTECTING the INNOCENCE of young children, starting with their INHERENT ASEXUALITY and right to discover themselves without tampering, as well as the “social norm” AGAINST PARENT-CHILD INCEST. And, it should surprise you (I hope) to know that these COMMON SENSE concepts are REJECTED by the top “sex experts” of the world, who consider newborn babies to be “naturally sexual,” “orgasmic” and in need of immediate adult training in “masturbation techniques,” from birth, in order to fully-expand their “sexual orientation.” And, state’s corporate $cience still works overtime to “prove” their false “facts.” At one point, Americans were actually forced to tax-fund famous the “sexologist” Alfred Kinsey’s recruitment of pedophiles to “clinically molest” hundreds of children, for “research” (*wink, wink*). If you weren’t aware, Kinsey is the man who taught America that sexuality is a full spectrum, and all sexual expressions are “natural.” He also claimed all humans were actually bisexual, and firmly believed that pedophilia and forms of incest were “healthy sexual expressions.”

You’re impossibly stiff-necked and hard-hearted on the topic, but for the sake of your innocent children, I DARE you to watch the following documentary. Let’s see if the information within doesn’t completely redefine your entire perspective on the culture war we have all been embroiled in, for the last century. Will you continue to forsake your parental duty to protect your children once you finally fully grasp what’s taking place, here? You will be amazed at just how many of humanity’s spiritual blind spots are revealed, in this video, as regular sources of exploitation and enslavement by the corrupt and debased corporate $cience of the State…

The Kinsey Syndrome:

Thomas M.: Tim Your homosexual Phoenician Ba’al has no Truth in him, therefore I shall not turn to him for comfort nor instruction. Now that I know who your father is, I likewise know who you are. You are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do; he was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the Truth, because there is no Truth in him; when he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. Turn from your homosexual Ba’al and turn to the true El (short for Elohiym – “Mighty One” – not the Phoenician Ba’al “Gad” that you keep invoking). Take 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 (Yah-oo-ah, YHWH, יהוה) as your one and only elohiym. The very same El that gave Moshe the tablets and His Name on Mount Tsiyon. He Is the El whom kept Avraham cool in King Nimrod’s fiery inferno. The Way to Him is through 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤔𐤏 (Yah-oo-shah, “Yahu is salvation”, יהושע, Son of Man, the Messiah), who died sinless as an unblemished lamb in atonement for all sins of the sons’ of A’dam who repent and return to righteousness.

My Father doesn’t forbid anal sex, and other perversions, arbitrarily. It is disgusting and beneath us as beings of His likeness, but the most significant fact at hand is that it breeds pestilence. The rampant disease among the LGBT community reflects this fact.

The second most significant reason why sodomy is forbidden is that it is an act of abuse, even in a completely mutually consensual and desired context. Our physical bodies are temples to Yah. To desecrate your own body is to desecrate His temple. The anus is not designed to withstand penetrative sex. For a man to insert himself into another persons a-hole, this is abuse to the body that will produce irreparable damage. For a person to willingly invite or allow a man to insert himself into their a-hole, this is self abuse. No amount of “bottom surgery” and eating anal-sex-specific diets won’t fix nor prevent the irreparable damage being done.

Causing kids to normalize a negative stereotype of homosexuals, which makes mentally healthy homosexuals feel insulted. You see, there is a minute number of “natural” homosexuals and there are the much more prevalent cancerous, perverted homosexuals who have mommy or daddy issues which corrupt their mental, emotional, spiritual, and, eventually, their physical health. Still, everywhere else in nature, besides in mankind, “homosexual relationships” doesn’t involve penetrating any hole that poops and they also don’t proudly parade around nor do they behave as their opposite gender.

Tim B.: Thomas Holy homophobia and misunderstanding of nature. There are a lot of gay animals.

Thomas M.: Tim “There are a lot of gay animals,” but how many of those gay animals penetrate the others’ anus’?

How many of those gay animals engage in sexual courting rituals (like twerking, pole dancing, ect.) with the sexually underdeveloped members of their species?

How many have to groom their young ones into their homosexuality, as opposed to the natural attraction that plays out between two already sexually mature and desiring adults?

How many gay animals directly and intentionally puberty block the natural progression of immature offspring?

Rayn: There are plenty of homosexual and homoromantic activities among other species. As a matter of fact, their existence and behaviors even more easily expose you as an intellectually dishonest and biologically illiterate clown, Tim. I CHALLENGE YOU to show me A SINGLE EXAMPLE in the animal kingdom wherein members of a species destroy each other’s assholes, unto the point of incontinence, solely for the sake of sexual “pleasure”? Sickening…

Sodomy of the anus is a highly unnatural, invasive and dangerous practice that causes both erosion and tearing to the anus and rectum. This anal and rectal trauma is precisely what creates a higher risk for STDs and HIV among homosexual men… But, fraudsters like you, who remain captivated by the lawlessness of corrupt men, aren’t ready to have THIS conversation!

The counterfeit, copycat version of “sex” known as sodomy is just another ritualistic sadistic, misanthropic form of sexual abuse that makes a total mockery of the sacred, life-giving act of copulation. Here’s some BIOLOGY 101: the anus and bowels are NOT even remotely a vagina. They are feces-filled orifices of elimination.

Here’s a medical journal review of one such case study, where a woman who engaged in this dangerous practice required surgical intervention to repair the damage she had incurred to her bowels… There are tens of thousands more cases, just like this, involving formerly-healthy individuals who developed internal trauma, inflammation, infection, then incontinence, all because they were conditioned to believe that anal “sex” is a natural sexual expression, without truly understanding the full range of risks that come with such behavior…

Complete Anal Sphincter Complex Disruption from Intercourse: A Case Report and Literature Review:

What a ©L🤡WN W🤡®LD we live in, where grown men continue to proudly celebrate their burning lust to penetrate each other’s fecal-filled orifices purely for sexual gratification – even during a “pandemic” – all while the alarmist mainstream media monopolists endlessly spotlight healthy, symptom-free individuals, and accuse them of being COVID “super-spreaders” – with abstinent zero evidence to support their assertions. Of course, once “monkeypox” broke out among the gay community during the COVID pandemic, it was soon discovered that it was first spread by homosexual men who had been regularly attending mass-scale gay orgies, at private clubs in Europe. Once this fact proved undeniable, the media dutifully warned us not to “stigmatize” gay men as being “diseased,” nor to discriminate against them for any illness they display, nor to shame them for becoming sick, noting that they are not at fault for becoming infected. Wow… Ironic, huh?

While Debating Tim on Parrish’s post, I also simultaneously debated Marilyn A…

Marilyn A.: The overwhelming majority of sexual abuse of children is by respected family members, friends and clergy. Men in drag are not the perpetrators. This witch-hunt is like the stranger danger movement. In reality an abused child almost always knows their abuser. I don’t understand this movement which is totally not supported by fact. I totally don’t understand a so called libertarian being a part of it.😩

Rayn: School faculty in America have been diddling kids over 144 times more than the Catholic church, Marilyn. If you’ve done enough research to implicate the “clergy,” how did you fail to discover the epidemic-level of sexual abuse that pubic school teachers commit against the children legally-mandated to be delivered into their care for “education”? Confirmation bias?

Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature:

Rayn: And, how did you fail to discover the epidemic level of unnecessary prescription drugging, sexually abusing and sex trafficking of vulnerable children that has been taking place within America’s corrupt and criminal foster care system for decades, Marilyn?

Sexual Abuse of Children in the United States Foster Care System:

From the article: “…In 2019 there were an estimated 400,000 children in foster care, leaving the system overwhelmed and at its peak capacity. Of those children, it is estimated that up to 40% of them had experienced some type of abuse within the system.”

Foster Children Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs Without Safeguards, U.S. Says:

From the article: “A report released Monday by the Department of Health and Human Services’ inspector general’s office found that about 1 in 3 foster kids from a sample of states were prescribed psychiatric drugs without treatment plans or follow-up, standard steps in sound medical care.”

Marilyn A.: Rayn you sure make assumptions on what I’ve failed to do. I am very much aware of all those issues.

Rayn: Thanks for clarifying that you were being intentionally deceitful when you claimed, “the overwhelming majority of sexual abuse of children is by respected family members, friends, and clergy,” Marilyn, since you’re apparently fully aware that public school teachers sexually abuse children at 144 times the rate of clergy, yet didn’t include this  very large group of predators in your dismissive summary of known sexual abusers of children, even while mentioning “clergy.” Why are you shielding criminal employees of the soulless State over the innocent children that they have been institutionally victimizing, for decades? As a matter of fact, who do YOU work for? I’ll wait…

In the meantime, this happened very recently, in March of 2022…

Foster Girls Who’d Been Victims of Sex Trafficking Endured Further Sex Trafficking at a State Shelter [Foster Care Facility], Report Says:

From the article: “Seven children, ages 11 to 17, were victimized by nine alleged perpetrators, according to discussions held during an emergency court hearing called by U.S. District Judge Janis Jack on Thursday. The children remained in the facility for over a month after the abuse was first reported before they were removed.”

Marilyn A.: Rayn OMG, you are horribly rude. You are preaching to the choir and are so full of yourself, you don’t even realize it.

Rayn: Your accusations are merely confessions, Marilyn. Your reply to the OP was rude, condescending, dismissive, accusatory, and intellectually dishonest. I merely provided an insightful set of facts and inquiries to your reply. It was in kindness and good will that I operated under the pretense that you were unaware of the actual facts at hand. To do otherwise would be to view you as guilty of deceit, rather than innocently uniformed. Meanwhile, you then responded to me with an outright admission of your deception by omission. So, I thanked you for your confession, while asking why you are shielding criminal employees of the soulless State over the innocent children that they have been institutionally victimizing, for decades. I also asked who you work for.

I afforded you much more courtesy than you offered the OP, in your effort to defend lawless grown men guilty of creating a sexually charged atmosphere among impressionable and vulnerable young children to groom them into sexual abusive behaviors. Why do you speak in defense of the sexual abuse of children, rather than the right for children to enjoy their innocence without having their minds and spirits molested by abusers, recruiting new victims?

Marilyn A.: Rayn you are sick, and I repeat full of yourself. Why is it important who I work for? I have never spoke in defense of the sexual abuse of children. You truly don’t understand grooming. You are one of the herd filled with hate.


Ok, Groomer

Marilyn A.: Rayn again, you have no understanding of the word groomer. Or pedophiles.

Rayn: Is this one of your colleagues, Marilyn?


Notice that my post, above, is from April 10, and I quote the exact definition of grooming, right from the RAINN website. You are the one that’s struggling to come to terms with the meaning of the word, because your heart is set on tampering with the innocence of the youth.

Marilyn A.: Rayn you quote it, but don’t understand it. Pedophiles hide in plain site. They don’t dress in drag and call attention to themselves. You just hate those who are different.

Rayn: “YoU jUsT hAtE tHoSe WhO aRe DiFfErEnT.” That sounds like the sort of lazy and sloppy evidence-free excuse that only a low-effort thinker would use to distort and dumb down dialogue that she is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually unequipped to participate in. Otherwise, you must be just confusing “different” with “child predator.” Either way, I have no such problem in discernment.

Houston Public Library Admits Registered Child Sex Offender Read to Kids in Drag Queen Storytime (March 2019):

Drag Queen Who Also Works as Youth Counselor Charged With 25 Counts of Child Pornography (June 2022):

Texas: Drag Queen Story Hour Provides Child Sex Offender & Transgender Prostitute To Groom Your Kids (May 2019)

Oregon Child Starring in Controversial Drag Queen Event Had Been Mentored by an Accused Child Sex Offender (Oct. 2022):

It’s a compliment that you, of all people, call ME “crazy” in this BRAVE NEW ©L🤡WN W🤡®LD.

Marilyn A.: Rayn OMG you found ONE. 👏 👏 👏

(At this point, Marilyn A. rage-quit our debate by placing my Facebook account on “block” so that I was no longer capable of replying to her comment thread upon Parrish’ post)

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