Mainstream Media Monopoly Continues Agenda to Normalize Anal Sex Among Women

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Researchers Uncovered 3 Techniques for Female Anal Pleasure After Interviewing Thousands of Women:

(Julia Naftulin) It could be time to rethink your anal-sex strategy, according to a first-of-its-kind study published June 29 in the journal Plos One.

Researchers at Indiana University and For Goodness Sake, a sex-research company, pinpointed three techniques — one of which doesn’t include penetration — for pleasurable anal sex, after surveying and interviewing thousands of women.

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My Commentary: This article is purely demonic! Sodomy of the anus is a highly invasive and dangerous practice. Those who regularly engage in receipt of “anal sex” typically suffer from erosion and tearing of the anus, rectum, and sphincters, eventually leading to incontinence and complete rectal prolapse. Some even incur perforation of their bowels, and develop life-threatening sepsis infection. This sort of anal and rectal trauma is precisely what creates a higher risk for STDs and HIV among homosexual men… But, y’all ain’t ready to have THIS conversation about health and hygiene, right? Meanwhile, handling or consuming another individual’s fecal matter has always been one of the quickest and easiest ways to spread disease among otherwise-healthy individuals…

Here’s a medical journal review of one such case study, where a woman who engaged in this dangerous practice required surgical intervention to repair the damage she had incurred to her bowels… There are tens of thousands more cases, just like this, involving formerly-healthy individuals who developed internal trauma, inflammation, infection, then incontinence, all because they were conditioned to believe that anal “sex” is a natural sexual expression, without truly understanding the full range of risks that come with such behavior…

Complete Anal Sphincter Complex Disruption from Intercourse: A Case Report and Literature Review:

Where else in the animal kingdom are there species that blow out each other’s assholes out, unto incontinence, solely for the sake of sexual “pleasure”? Sickening… And, why does the mainstream media monopoly continue to “normalize” such a detrimental practice, while remaining suspiciously silent about the immense health risks involved?

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