Discussing Exotic, Toxic Ingredients Contained Within Vaccinations

The following correspondence took place upon my Facebook post, “Fallacious Facebook Warning Inadvertently Informs Users That Listing Vaccines Ingredients ‘Can Make Some People Feel Unsafe’ on the Platform“…

Rayn: 😹😹😹😹😹
Facebook just informed me, unironically, that a photo I shared, back in December of 2020, which accurately and lists the various exotic, toxic, and often allergenic ingredients contained within Big Pharma’s vaccination products, “can make some people feel unsafe.”

Daciano R.: Damn, was that list confirmed? Aborted fetal cells?

Rayn: “MRC-5 cells are currently used to produce several vaccines including for hepatitis A, varicella and polio.”


“MRC-5 (Medical Research Council cell strain 5) is a diploid cell culture line composed of fibroblasts, originally developed from the lung tissue of a 14-week-old aborted Caucasian male fetus.”

Rayn: “Vaccines produced in WI-38 include those made against adenoviruses, rubella, measles, mumps, varicella zoster, poliovirus, hepatitis A and rabies.”


“WI-38 is a diploid human cell line composed of fibroblasts derived from lung tissue of a 3-month-gestation female fetus. The fetus came from the elective abortion of a Swedish woman in 1962, and was used without her knowledge or permission.”

Wendy P.: That statement is weird. Since when is it their duty to make people feel safe? Are they now going after feelings?

Rayn: Reversed it!


Rayn: AstraZeneca COVID “vaccine” contains aborted fetal cells from HEK-293…


Rayn: Both Pfizer and ModeRNA COVID “vaccine” development involved aborted fetal cells from HEK-293…

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