Flourishing Human Cadaver Market Proves Abortion Debate Was ALWAYS a Fundamental Human Rights Issue

Upon resharing artwork contained within my post, “Sanitizing Human Sacrifice,” onto my Facebook wall, the following debate took place…


Lawrence P.: If one realizes that you are not a body and live myriad lifetimes, then fear of abortion becomes pointless. Only those who think you are a body and only live once are sucked into this clueless argument.

Rayn: Aborted Babies Incinerated to Heat UK Hospitals (March 2016):

Rayn: Planned Parenthood Undercover Video Prosecution Summary – Admission of Organ Harvesting from Aborted Babies, Under Oath:

Daleiden Reveals to Court His Horror of Finding That ‘Live Beating’ Hearts of Aborted Babies Were for Sale:

Rayn: South Korean Customs Officials Find Thousands of Pills Filled with Powdered Human Baby Flesh:

Rayn: Briton Arrested in Thailand After Being Found with Six Roasted Human Foetuses:

Rayn: The hungry lion has no misconceptions about it…

Chinese Cannibalism of Infant Flesh Outrages the World:

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