Control-Freaks Call Police, Get Father and Son Unlawfully Evicted from Public Park for Using Tennis Court to Play Catch

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Video: Child Weeps as Officer Kicks Dad Off Court:

A confrontation captured on video between an El Paso police officer and a man playing catch with his 6-year-old son left the terrified child in tears as the officer removed them from the tennis courts despite no rules prohibiting them from playing catch in the area.

Mauricio Solis and his 6-year-old son were removed from the tennis courts at Cielo Vista Park, 9030 Cosmos Ave., after a couple of women called the El Paso Police Department to report that the father and son were playing catch on the courts, Solis said.

Solis posted three videos to YouTube that show the confrontation between him and the officer, who is only identified as Sgt. Quintanilla in the video.

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My Commentary: I don’t know who’s worse… The pathetic women who arbitrarily called the pigs on this father and son, in an effort to bully and punish them for peaceful activity they simple didn’t agree with, or the costumed criminals, operating under color of law, who decided to confront this innocent family, and enforce what really amounts to their opinions upon the two, with the threat of abduction and extortion, for failure to follow their unlawful orders.

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One Response to Control-Freaks Call Police, Get Father and Son Unlawfully Evicted from Public Park for Using Tennis Court to Play Catch

  1. C. Beck says:

    The women! The cop. Father was threatened with arrest in front of kid? Fuck no. I bleed blue. That was a jackass. His kind give the mature cops who don’t abuse their power a bad reputation. I want to hear from the police department with a public apology. Nothing. Maybea lawyer will make them apologize. Many cops are trying to connect with citizens. Their families fear for theiir luves everyday. We dint need cops lije this. Abuse of power is the word.

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