Leftists Love the Corrupt and Craven War Criminal, Henry Kissinger, Just as Much as Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton, when U.S. Secretary of State, and former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger

Hillary Clinton, when U.S. Secretary of State, and former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger

In Courting Kissinger, Does Hillary Clinton Risk Losing the Left?:

(Ron Kampeas) If Hillary Clinton is indeed courting Henry Kissinger, what happens to her relationship with Bernie Sanders?

Reports that the Democratic presidential nominee is actively pursuing endorsements from Kissinger, who like her is a former secretary of state, and other former Republican officials have raised alarms on the left.

It also has provided an opportunity for Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, who has lumped his Republican critics with Clinton as part of an elite that has led the United States into disastrous wars.

The question is whether a Kissinger endorsement shatters the fragile coalition that Clinton has forged post-Democratic convention with her erstwhile rival Sanders and his backers.

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My Commentary: But, that would imply that the “left” aren’t also madly in love with the corrupt and craven war criminal, Kissinger…

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