Democratic Socialist, Bernie Sanders, is in Top 4% of Earners, and Now Owns His Third Home

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

Democratic Socialist, Bernie Sanders is a wealthy man

Democratic Socialist, Bernie Sanders is a wealthy man

RaynFresh Off His Campaign to Make Socialism Great Again, Bernie Sanders Buys $600,000 Summer House:

Jason L.He couldn’t have used campaign contributions for the house.

Leftover Campaign Funds:

Rayn: Glad to hear it. Of course, I hope you realize that I didn’t think he had, and neither did the author of this news article. I didn’t think he’d even need to, as I’m fully aware that Sanders and his wife do very well for themselves… I’ve even posted about their financial status on my FB wall, previously…

How Bernie Sanders, the Socialist, Quietly Entered the Top 4% of Earners:

I’ve also shared information about the real-estate/severance-pay scandal that his wife was embroiled in while employed at Burlington college…

Bernie Sanders Parachutes Way out of a Response to Golden Parachutes Ad:

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