Discussing the Police Arrests of Cannabis Smokers at Guns N’ Roses Concert in New Jersey

The following debate originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

Guns' N' Roses on stage, performing a concert at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey

Guns’ N’ Roses on stage, performing a concert at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey

Sara: This is why I don’t bother with shows in NJ. Cops out there harrassing fans just looking to have a good time. Watch out for them MARIJEWANNA smokers! smh.

30 People Arrested at Guns N’ Roses Concert at MetLife Stadium:

Justin W.: Prison complex industry is a highly profitable business in the land of the home of the free n brave.

Jason K.: I know. It’s crazy that police would arrest people for drugs, assault, etc etc. What is this world coming to? Lol

Sara: They arrested people for smoking weed which I do not consider a drug and the other shit probably happened while people were resisting arrest from being arrested for weed. 30 people though? Sounds like they had nothing better to so but hang out at a GNR concert and harass people. Every concert I go to people smoke up. They’re not hurting anyone.

Jason K.: Yeah, but the facts are it wasn’t just weed and there were sexual assaults as well. Also some fights. I guess that should be part of the concert experience. Lol

Sara: Any body acting violently deserved to be arrested but leave the pot smokers alone.

Jason K.: Not really Sara. First it’s illegal. Second, what about people who want to go to a concert and not be forced to smell pot. Some people find the smell gross. Then their clothes and hair reek from it as well. Third, how about people who have to take drug test for work? When your breathing that in all night it get in your system. 3 years ago a friend of mine failed a drug test and was suspended for 30 days without pay

Sara: Waaaa. Poor you. Don’t go to GNR concert if you don’t want to smell like weed and cigs. Stay at home and watch a DVD.. I’m aware pot is illegal but as I said, I don’t consider it a drug and most people don’t. They’re committing a victimless crime. This story you told is literally the first time I’ve ever heard of someone failing a test by catching contact. Any company that would suspend someone for weed for 30 days is full of shit. I hope he hired a lawyer and fought that Shit and no longer works for that company.

Jordan K.: Jason, you have got to be the biggest cop dick sucking vagina I’ve ever seen. “Oh noo bad things were happening so that means peaceful marijuana smokers should go to jail along with violent people.” Did you have to strain for that logic? You fucken pantywaste. “My feelings are hurt I had to smell the smoke…w ahhhhh!” Don’t go a concert then you fucking pussy.

Jordan K.: Jason, 3 years ago your friend lied about failing a drug test from a contact high. They smoked that shit, but cool story bro! Now please go back to catching pokemon in your safezone. Don’t run too fast you might fall and hurt your knee again!

Rayn: “Illegal”? Statism is a disease of the mind and the soul…

“Slavery was legal; apartheid [was] legal; Stalinist, Nazi, and Maoist purges were legal. Clearly, the fact of legality does not justify these crimes. Legality, alone, cannot be the talisman of moral people.” – Walter E. Williams

Jordan K.: Rayn: Exactly! Saying, “first it’s illegal” is like saying “first, I’m a mindless soulless drone that does whatever the State tells me too because I have no moral compass of my own.”

Jason K.: Well the company is the MTA. I guess they have a crazy hang up about bus drivers, train operators failing drug test.

Jordan K.: Are you suggesting a possible contact high from a guns n roses concert is going to impede work performance the next day? Right, and it turns young teenage girls into raging whores that love to fuck black people too huh? It turns young teenage boys into hell bent murders who laugh after they stab people to death. It’s reefer madness all over again!! Run for your lives everybody, there’s reeferr in the air! OH MY GOOOD!!!!

Work performance would be more impeded by somebody staying up late at said concert and not getting enough sleep. Should we have sleep police too to make sure everybody gets to bed on time you fucking wiener? Please go wrap yourself in plastic bubble wrap and grab your helmet and crayons we’re going outside.

Jason K.: Well Jordan, let me educate you. If you smoked a few hours before a drug test or a week or so it comes back positive. The results don’t have a time stamp. That being said, someone who works for the MTA, FDNY, NYPD, school bus drivers should be able to pass a drug test. Go to the park a roll yourself a thick one.

Jordan K.: Jason, you are promoting the caging of peaceful human beings for having a plant. You don’t cage peaceful human beings that aren’t hurting anybody else. The war on drugs is tearing families apart, killing people, ruining lives, and all for what? For having a plant. It’s way past the due date for waking up to the fact that these bullshit prohibition laws don’t work and only create more violence and crime. The problems with prohibiting alcohol are the same with prohibiting cannabis. People like you who accept throwing peaceful people in cages because “it’s the law” have blood on your hands. I don’t have to roll a thick one to realize this, it’s because I have a head oh my shoulders and I don’t let other people do my thinking for me. I can make the connections between prohibition of alcohol and prohibition of cannabis without letting my personal likes or dislikes for either cloud my logic. You seem to be so scared of marijuana that you throw logic and reason right out the window. You are literally this dumb: “I don’t like the smell so somebody with a gun should force you into a cage and beat you if you don’t want to go.” How does it feel to be an asshole and the town idiot at the same time?

Jason K.: Jordan, I thinking your smoking too much or just a fool. I didn’t mention locking anyone in cages. If you want to smoke, snort or drink lighter fluid go ahead. The simple point I’m making is first people who have jobs where the publics safety is involved should be tested. Cigarettes are not allowed in public places like concerts because it bothers people. As a smoker I respect that. Too bad people who smoke pot can’t extend the same courtesy.

Jordan K.: The post was about people arrested and you supported it because of the smell, so tell me again how you’re not supporting caging people. You’re just an idiot who doesn’t even realize the arguments he’s making. I think the only person who’s on drugs here is you. Don’t worry though Jason, just because you’re all doped up on prescription pills or whatever doesn’t mean I’m going to wish you were locked in a cage.

Jason K.: I support it because it’s the law. It’s a simple fine. When people resist and act like animals they get arrested. Not every arrest was due to smoking.

Jordan K.: New York City’s Weirdest Laws Are Even Weirder Than You Think:

Elizabeth B.: I thought this was about Sunday night. We were there Saturday and other than the drunk idiots that can’t hold their liquor(really, I had beer spilled on me 3 times)I didn’t see any problems. The crowd was pretty mellow.

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