Mass Exodus of American Public from Political Terrorists in Democratic and Republican Parties Beginning

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"3rd party candidate 2016" searches spike: Google reports searches for '3rd party candidate 2016' rose 1150% during the RNC"

“3rd party candidate 2016″ searches spike: Google reports searches for ‘3rd party candidate 2016’ rose 1150% during the RNC”

Google Searches for Third-Party Presidential Candidates Are Up Over 1000%:

(Barbara Kollmeyer) As the Republicans presented their vision of the country, Americans appeared to be hot on the hunt for an alternative presidential candidate.

Searches for “third party candidate 2016” soared by 1,150% in the past week during the Republican National Convention, according to Google Trends. The spike shown in the below chart spiked toward the end of what was at times a raucous and bizarre convention for the Republicans that ended with Donald Trump’s nomination

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My Commentary: Mass exodus from political terrorists…

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