The “War on Terror” Was Designed to be Endless!

The following correspondence originally took place here, upon the Facebook page, “Emancipated Human“…

Emancipated Human: Not supposed to end…

"War on Terror You are here ➝ ∞ "

“War on Terror
You are here ➝ ∞ “

Gage O.: Synonamis with the war on drugs.

Dane S.: Indeed

Rayn: Cool! We’re almost at the half-way point! #ShitStatistsSay

Glen G.: The symbol for infinity! Never ending war.

Anthony M.: There’s no way they can be so stupid to not realize that anywhere they set up check points , kick in doors and shoot civilians ends up creating a bunch of blowback. All just a warm up to create justification for what they want to do here

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