Pick Your Poison…

I originally posted the following photo I took, along with statement, onto my Facebook wall…

Saccharine, Aspartame, and Sucralose available at a restaurant in Tifton, Georgia

Pick your poison. What color would you like your headache to be, today?

Isn’t it interesting how this man-made neurotoxic trash is completely “legal,” and promoted by “doctors” and dieticians, alike, while possession of the all-natural, medicinal, non-toxic plant called cannabis can result in the violent kidnapping and imprisonment of innocent, peaceful individuals by agents of the State?

Rest assured that it’s all taking place for the “common good,” whether the “public” likes it, or not. Everyone knows that only the government is moral enough to make the executive decisions required to protect us ignorant “citizens” from ourselves. And, that’s precisely why the taxes that fund such operations are compulsory!

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