Agents of the State Armed and Ready to Commit Murders and Kidnappings to Faithfully Enforce Imaginary Lines Drawn On Map Over a Century Ago By Imperialists

I originally posted the following photo I took, along with statement, onto my Facebook wall…

Vehicle checkpoint in Laredo, Texas

Vehicle checkpoint in Laredo, Texas

While travelling through Laredo, Texas, encountering agents of the State who are armed and ready to commit murders and kidnappings in order to faithfully enforce imaginary lines drawn on a map over a century and a half ago by imperialistic, human-sacrificing, indigenous-massacring, white supremacist death-worshipers.

#JustStatistThings #CultofStatism #Statheism#Pathocracy #YourPapersPlease #GuiltyUntilProvenInnocent #ViolentlyEnforcingVictimlessCrimes

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