Greensboro, North Carolina Police Violate and Kidnap Young Man for Victimless “Crime” of Walking Down Sidewalk-Free Street

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Greensboro, NC Police Arrest Rufus Scales for Victimless “Crime” of Walking Down Sidewalk-Free Street:

My Commentary: Cowardly costumed criminals operating under color of law in the city of Greensboro, NC, harass, molest, kidnap and imprison a peaceful young man in BROAD DAYLIGHT for the victimless “crime” of walking down one of the many sidewalk-less streets of our community. According to the article below, the State racket against this victim has only just begun, as he and his brother are now facing criminal charges, ensuring that, at the very least, they will be forced to pay some heavy extortion fees demanded by the city court for their imaginary “crimes.”

Many of us in this country have already been LIVING under the personal cloud of Martial Law EVERY SINGLE DAY! And, until those who haven’t are able to TRULY FEEL what it’s like to be automatically guilty in the eyes of the State, and to be subject to systematic, institutional abuse for it, they will NEVER be a part of any long-term solutions, as they can’t even grasp the root of the problem!

Greensboro Group Wants Citizen’s Police Review Board:

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