Debate Upon a Highly Popular Share of My Artwork, “Defining Fascism”

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I posted my artwork, being shared from here

Rayn: Ha! This one keeps making the rounds! 🙂

“Fascism: a merger of State & Corporate power’ – Mussolini
(Artwork by Rayn)

Brian J.: That’s why we love Superheroes. We like positive fascism. Lol! 🙂

Rayn: What’s this “we” business? 😉

Brian J.: Don’t you like “X-Men?” Or “Spawn?” That’s fascism. Lol!

Jesus G.: George Orwell said the word could mean a lot of things, and that it’s not a good term to use

Jesus G.: if anybody here likes to read. here’s a slow overview on what Fascism is in Amerika:

Jesus G.: one does not need to be a Fascist in order to embrace it. it’s all about creating order out of chaos.

Brian J.: Exactly!

Jesus G.: just like you don’t need to be a Nazi in order to embrace NASA, Volkswagen, Adidas Co. and so on! 🙂

Jesus G.: wars breed more technology! it always been like that since the ancient past!

Brian J.: Yes, War=more money=more technology. It’s called a silver lining. Lol!

Jesus G.Donald Duck: The Spirit of ’43 (banned):

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