Nice Meat-Mask, Frankenstein!

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an acquaintance, after she shared a captioned photo from here

Janelle F.: This is beyond creepy.

Donatella Versace turned up to the MET Gala preview and turned heads for all the wrong reasons. Donatella… Your face?!

Christina C.: White walker?

Christine G.: If I saw that on the street- I would scream and run away! I can’t believe she is only 59!!!

Shanna C.: I really got a little scared when I saw this.

Tommy L.: Yeesh!

Ryan D.: *unzips pants

Rob S.:

Janelle F.: Christina yes!!!! Thank you! Hahah

Damie G.: 😯 eeeewwww!!!! Nightmares tonight for sure! Ick!

Damie G.: Wtf is wrong with her! At least if you have a facelift, fix the penis of a nose that you have!!!! ?

Joe P.: She looks like a Thundercat. Mumm-ra, really.

Jules P.: Say what you want but she was terrific in “House of 1000 corpses.”

Damie G.: ^^^??????

Valerie S.: How sad really.

John R.: Looks like her and Big Ang go to the same surgeon.

Janine M.: MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cyrus Y.: I had to see this right after lunch …

Rayn: Nice meat-mask, Frankenstein!

(She looks like she got a face transplant from a cadaver).

Don G.: YIPES!

Nancy F.: Jesus Christmas!

Janelle F.: LOL Rayn

Ron Z.: WTF

Patricia B.: How many surgeries to the face has she had!!???

Igor K.: is that Steven Tyler?

Kellyn V.: More like an ape showing up in her behalf, while she sun bathes (bakes) on the beaches of italy.
Wth! And she is a fashionista!! My 76 yr old grandma looks better than her!

Janelle F.: It looks like a giant footprint on her face

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