Discussing the Atari ST 1040

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “My Very First Computer!“…

Rayn: My very first computer was an Atari ST 1040, which my father purchased for the family around 1988, when I was just eight years old! So, when I saw my friend sharing this picture on his FB wall a little while ago, it instantly put a smile on my face, and brought back so many childhood memories! Little Green Desktop, for the win!

My favorite game was Alternate Reality: The City! My older brother and I spent many, many hours playing it! Meanwhile, my sister and I loved to take turns playing the game, Mouse Trap! 🙂 Ahh, the days!

Atari ST 1040 (AKA “The Little Green Desktop”)

Atari ST 1040 (AKA “The Little Green Desktop”)

Rayn: Shout out to you, Charles, for originally sharing this gem of a post to your FB wall!

Nick M.: Your age is showing

Rayn: Your anus is showing. Oh, wait… My bad. That’s just your mouth. Ha! 🙂

Nick M.: Oh hell naw get off the Internet and tell me that

Sara: Let’s not forget Leisure Suit Larry!

Rayn: I still owe you a Bitstrip, Nick! Watch!

Rayn: Indeed, Sara! I caught myself humming the intro song to the first installment of Larry the other day!

Sara: I just read this on wiki: A second, high-definition remake/reboot, titled Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, is currently under development by N-Fusion Interactive and Replay Games working with series’ creator Al Lowe for a planned May 31, 2013 release for Microsoft Windows (via Steam, OnLive), Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Linux.
lol what are the odds? That’s today!

Rayn: Ha! Synchronicity, Sara! 🙂

Rayn: Look what I found!

Leisure Suit Larry Theme:

Sara: Nice! Now this will be stuck in my head all day. Aiden is very intrigued by the sound of this song lol

Charles C.: My uncle had a fabled Atari Est. it wasn’t till last year I discovered how rare it was. Now it’s in a box somewhere in my house. Tons and tons of memory’s. my uncle used his mostly for music production. It was one of the 1st pc’s with midi ports built in. And the games where top notch for its time. My favorite was “F19 stealth fighter”

Rayn: Sweet, Charles! My father purchased our Atari ST 1040, in a large part, due to its on-board MIDI ports! He used the Steinberg Cubase program for music production. We also had an external modem for the system, too, though the internet was virtually non-existent at the time.

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