Democracy FAIL!

The following correspondence originally took place here, on the page, “Public opinion cell Pakistan,” after I was tagged in their photo by an acquaintance…

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Well done USA you have done a great job to kill the Terrorist of the future how knows tomorrow those children become the most wanted terrorist for USA because of your excellent technology you Know the child will be the terrorist of the future. So OK the rest of the people are stupid to Criticizes you are saving USA and west.

"Well done America"

“Well done America”

Mohammed S.: Taking Lives of the Innocent Children through DRONE ATTACKS is TERRORISM. Dont call it Collateral Damage. Who is Terrorist ? These Innocent Children OR America.. Absolutely America is Terrorist Number one in the World.

Rayn: War itself IS terrorism. To engage in a war of aggression, as America has done with Iraq, Pakistan, and other countries, is considered a Crime against peace. When the military murders a civilian during war-time, as American drone bombings have done again and again to many foreign nations, it is considered a War Crime.

Rayn: For the second American presidential election in a row, the democratic and republican party candidates are both pro-war! Some choice, eh? The American people are being undone by the American Empire! 🙁

Mohammed R.: America is the biggest terrorist actually is the mother of a all the terrisom world is facing today

Samia S.: in bachoon k wursa kya ab terrorist nahi bn jaingey?????????????????

Amanullah K.: e soch soch kr sr k bal sary sufyd hogae k log aysy kyo nhi soch ty

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