Shock Event at MTV Movie Awards, Featuring Eminem and Sasha Baron Cohen, Was Completely Staged

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

Hip-Hop artist, Eminem

Hip-Hop artist, Eminem

Sara: I cannot believe that MTV would disrespect Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards like that! After he performed 2 songs and did an interview for them!

Janelle F.: wow…I missed that…I’ll go check this out now.

Janelle F.: Wow, wasn’t that some shit… Fuckin’ Bruno. Zach Quinto’s expression was priceless. Zac Efron had no idea what was going on…

Desiree L.: I was so shocked by it. I kept saying this has got to be staged. That was very disrespectful.

Rose E.: Def staged- em & sacha baron cohen have a prior history together.

Sara: really? What have they done together?

Rose E.: See I don’t know exactly, it’s just what Perez says. I believe it though, honestly I feel like they’re totally people who would be on reasonably good terms with each other or would at least collaborate on something that drew that much attention. I also think there would very well have been firearms involved had it been real- it was that fucked up.

Sara: I guess they’re closer now that SBC’s balls and asshole have been in Em’s face!

Rayn: I told everyone that it was an obviously staged event, just like Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction.” Well, even the mainstream media is admitting it, now:

Report: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Crotch-in-Face Eminem Prank Was Staged:,2933,524400,00.html

Sara: Wow nice find, and thank you for clearing this up. Did you read that the stupid bitch, Paris Hilton, turned down the prank first? LMAO..i would have loved to see an asshole in her face!

Rayn: I would love to see Paris Hilton’s face get tea-bagged by Cohen’s hairy set of ball bags. With any hope, he’d also give her a brown-eyed star kiss on the grill.

Sara: LMAO! Unfortunately, Cohen waxed his entire body for his character of Bruno, so she’d get unhairy balls in her face, but she’s a retard, she was too busy taking pictures of herself kissing her man at the show to participate in a joke.

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