Favorite Childhood Characters of All Time…

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

Sara: I always thought Bill Cosby was the voice behind Speak & Spell…

“Favorite childhood characters of all time: Velveteen Rabbit, Speak & Spell, Rainbow Bright, Braveheart Lion, and Jem”

Rayn: Awww, man…The memories…where do I begin? The Velveteen Rabbit…You inspired years worth of trying to animate my stuffed animals with pure thought (although it never really seemed to work)! And, Speak & Spell! I miss writing curses into you! Rainbow Bright! I remember braiding your hair! Braveheart Lion! You were the best, of course! And, Jem, you were truly outrageous!

Sara: Ahhh sweet Velveteen Rabbit, how I miss you so. I used to carry him everywhere with me. I’ll never forget when Shawn ripped his head off and I just cried and cried and thought he killed him and then Mommy sewed his head back on and all balance was restored in the world.

Kristina F.: I always wanted a speak and spell but I had to play with other peoples….JEM!!!!!! I actually found my Jem dolls the other day. I have the Misfit dolls too! They are all naked though….he he

Sara: LMAO! How did the Barbies and Jems of every little girl end up naked? And The Misfits! “We are the Misfits, our songs are better! We are the Misfits, and we’re gonna get her!”

Fiore M.: Kristina used to have Jem’s cassette tape, with Jem’s song on one side and a Misfits song on the other side. I remember listening to it in awe.

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